Cold cap & hair dye

Hello, I am on my second cycle of docetaxol & carboplatin. I am using the paxman scalp cooling & wondered if any of you lovely ladies had ever been told that an organic hair dye was ok to use? Thank you. T x

Hi, have you managed to keep your hair with the cold cap. Despite using the Paxman my hair started to fall out 2 days before my 2nd FEC treatment. Although I’m not bald … I have probably lost 70%. If you have managed to keep yours then perhaps there are some natural dyes you could use. They may irritate the scalp though… may be worth asking your care team x best of luck

Hi, oh I’m sorry to hear you’ve lost so much hair ? Will you continue? There was a lady on the January thread I think who has said exactly the same. I’m sure her name is Marie as I replied to her about the cold cap. I had the EC part of the chemo finishing January last year. I was told not to bother with the cold cap as it’s so harsh on the hair. There are a few ladies in the October thread who have kept most of their hair on FEC. That’s what worries me, the finding of the scalp. I’ve only just got my hair back so I might have to persevere with white roots ??. Thank you for replying. Good luck to you too & I hope your remaining hair stays put ? xx

Hi, yea it was me, I had my second FEC on Wednesday and mine is still falling out at the moment probably lost around 40-50% I think, I’m hoping to persevere with the cold cap until I can. As for dyes, hopefully some of the more experienced ladies will be over to give you some advice soon. Xx

Hello Ladies,


I am from the April 2014 thread, and only two of us used the cold cap, I had a thin patch on top, probably hen the cap was not quite snug enough, I had Fec for the second half of my treatment and rally can’t remember what the first half was now. There are organic dyes out there but I did not risk it until a couple of months after chemo was finished and then just went back to the hairdresser for advice which was preferable to me putting my own dye on. All was well and the hair grew back very well, luckily I have fine but lots of hair, I would stick with the scarves and hats for now if I were you, its very cold anyway my treatment ended in August 2014 then went on to have 6 weeks of radiotherapy, so far so good xxx


PS I was more worried about the eyelashes and eyebrows comming back you really cannot hide those

Marie I lost 40-50% of mine too, but it’s worth persevering because it grows back faster & I didn’t get chemo curls, so much easier to handle. We were told no hair dye until 4 months after. I used Daniel field watercolours because they were recommended after chemo. You could use topik hair fibres on your roots in the meanwhile to hide the regrowth. I got them from amazon & they’re quite effective for bald patches too xx