Cold cap round 2



Please can anyone who has used the cold cap answer my questions?


I had my second cycle of FEC yesterday and I have cold capped both times. Despite this, I have already experienced quite a lot of hair loss during my first cycle and I was just wondering whether this level of hair loss will continue now? It seemed to slow down during the last week of my first cycle but will it start up again now I’ve had my second treatment? And if so, is there a particular time frame when I can expect this to happen? Last time, it started on day 16.


Thank you.

Hi Ive just been reading up on hair loss and the coldcapping as Im so scared of it all going.  I have just read that even with cold capping you should expect to lose 10% per cycle of epi …(the E in the FEC).  I am having 3x FEC so thats 30% for me.  Still seems a lot but better than 100%.  Apparently the crown is the warmest part of your head and this is where the cap may not be tight enough so you may lose a lot of hair from there or anywhere elsewhere the cap is not fitted properly.  I am only on day 11 of first cycle so next week I am expecting to shed some.  Just hope I can cope xx