Cold Cap Treatment

Hi there,
I have just started a cycle of 6 fec with herceptin and I was wondering if anyone had used cold cap? I am trying it and really hope it works…anyone tried it? Also one day after and I have had very few side effects…is this normal? I have felt a little sick and slept quite alot but apart from that nothing…
Any feedback would be welcomed…
Sarah x

Hi Sarah
I started my first 6 x EC on 3rd Feb and to be honest this is the first day I’ve felt able to go on the computer as have felt really poorly and so tired. I tried the cold cap and didn’t find it that bad so hopefully next time will give it another go.
Hope you have had a comfortable week and not felt ill xx

I used it and had very good results - thinned a bit in one area, but otherwise fine. I think it helped that I cut my hair very short beforehand - and I have a big round head that fitted the cap very well!! I found the first 2 or 3 sessions not too bad, but started to really hate it towards the end - but persevered because I had good results. I will probably have more chemo at some stage, but it will be a difficult to decision whether to do it again.

Good luck - hope it works for you.

finty xx

hello ladies,
i had my first fec last thursday and i too used the cold cap, and im determind to see it through to all 6 sessions,
yes it was a shock when it first went on but after 10 mins it was fine,
ive only washed my hair once since then and thats not bothered me as much as i thought it would, i just put a hat on when i go out,

im hoping i get good results but you can never tell, ive been told told its usually 14 days post fec when it starts to thin or fall out so all i can say is watch this space !!!

take care ladies


Just thought i’d add my bit! I had chemo in 2009 and used the cold cap for the 5 chemos i had. I kept my shoulder length hair all the way through (although it did thin alot on the top) i wore hats and accesories and got through it!
It’s unpleasant but worth it for the weeks and months of having hair! I could feel normal most of the time and after the treatment you know your hair will get back to normal relatively quickly!
Just pat your hair when washing and drying with towel, only wash once maybe twice a week and only comb with a big wide toothed plastic thing.
It was worth it for me, if you can get through the first 10 mins then you can do it!

Good luck x

Hi there,
Thanks so much for your comments ladies. Made me feel so much better and I tried cold cap and got on with it ok. It was very cold but I think I will keep going. I have ordered a wig just in case! Have felt ok this week and just had tummy ache for a few days…not nice.
Sarah x

Now 14 days in and my hair is still in place. I have noticed a change in texture but no major thining. Fingers crossed. x

Oh dear, I’ve been toying with the idea for ages and still can’t make up my mind! I’d sort of said I’d just put up with losing my hair, but with your good success stories I’m thinking maybe I should give it a go…

Day 19 and I have not noticed any hair loss (from my head anyway!!) next chemo session on Tuesday, so lets hope the cold cap continues to be successful. Good luck to all that are using it. Donna xxx

Nearly 3 weeks since 1st chemo (2nd on Thursday) and I’m going to use the cold cap again. Touch wood no hair loss yet. Am only washing it once a week like they suggest and not combing it etc etc.
It has changed texture I must admit. Feels a bit like straw.
Saying that - I have lost hair from my lady garden! and noticed that the hair under my arms isn’t growing at all. x

I used a cold cap for the first 2 cycles of FEC, and had no hair loss until a couple of weeks after my 2nd one! Once it had started coming out I didn’t use the cap again, but if I’m honest it was more because OH was with me, and it added a couple of hours or so to our time spent at the Hospital! OH thought he was being supportive coming with me, (and he was, really) so I didn’t tell him otherwise, but he’s not the most patient of men, and I was aware of him getting restless during the day! I am convinced it works for a lot of women, so keep at it if it is working for you. I am just pleased that my hair is about an inch or so long now and my hairdresser says it’s coming through as thick as it ever was, and isn’t patchy. it’s quite a traumatic thing for most of us to lose our hair though, isn’t it?
( have very hairy legs, too, now… good job i’m in trousers in this weather!)
Hugs, and “keep your hair on!”

helo ladies,

i too used the cld cap im having fec 2 tuesday, and so far so good, ive not lost any hair, well alittle in plug hole but no more than usual, so im happy at the moment, fingers crossed,

take care

I have started to notice some hair thinning today. As I run my fingers through my hair a few strands are starting to come out but going to keep going with the cold cap. Its the first time that I have been really upset. I hoped that I wouldnt lose any hair but have this feeling that its going to get thin on top. Have my second fec on friday. Sxx


I’m due to start my first chemo on Tuesday and i am interested in the cold cap but not really sure how to go about getting one ??

Lisa xx

morning ladies,
i used the cold cap again on tuesday for my 2nd FEC, i refuse to comb my hair, the only thing i have noticed is that if i run fingers with my hair i do get hairs come loose, so i dont run fingers through my hair, simple… i will see how it goes, i cant bear the thought of loosing my hair and i know it will be a very stressfull for my if i have to shave it,

fingers crossed for everyone who is using the cold cap

love and hugs


Hi Donna good to hear you still got your hair. I am also having cold cap whilst being treated and have my second FEC on Wednesday. Are you experiencing headaches? I seem to still have headaches daily and not something I have ever suffered from in the past. Was debating whether to carry on with it but also don’t want to lose hair if I can avoid it. Although I am prepared and got myself a wig just in case and for when I need it! Like you I don not comb my hair and avoid washing too often. Exactly two weeks since first one and still got it for now - must be scary when it does fall out. I have very thick hair so obviously more to come out if it does… Adi

Lolley, speak to your breast care nurse, she should be able to tell you whether it’s available at your hospital and will tell you all about what you have to do.

hello ladies.

adi----- i always take 2 paracetamol before i leave the house for treatment but remember to check your temp first, ive not had headaches,
i also have wig ready but i just cant find the courage to wear it out but i know i will have to soon as ive a concert and meal out next week and i couldnt go out with my hair looking the way it does, frying chips comes to mind, but we will see how its goes, i combed my hair this morning and i must say there is some in the comb, but at least its not falling out in clumps… one day at time i say,
good luck to you and keep up the cold cap because at least we can we gave it our best shot,
love and hugs


Hello ladies

Can I just say well done to those of you trying the cold cap. I had 6 sessions of chemo last year and used the cold cap so I know how tough it can be. The first couple of sessions were ok but it did get worse towards the end for me anyway. My hair did thin on top but I managed by wearing hats and just parting my hair a little differently. I thought I would hate not washing my hair as often but got quite used to it, I did use dry shampoo in between washes. Also just patted my hair dry and then left it to dry naturally. I also used a wide toothed comb. I had very thick shoulder length hair and I think I was very lucky to keep as much as I did.

Good luck to you all.

Beverley xx

Its been really good reading everyones comments. I ordered my wig today and when I tried it on I loved it as my hair looks so rubbish at the moment!!I am using dry shampoo at the moment and I am abit scared to wash it. Any tips?