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Hi everybody,

I’m new to this form having been diagnosed with oestrogen positive Breast cancer and had my first round of chemo today. I tried the cold cap and was conscious during the treatment that the cap was not tight against all areas of my scalp. I tried to hold the cap down on top as best I could but my arms got a bit achey!! It was mainly the top of my head/under the crown at the sides where I felt it could be tighter but felt tight at the sides of head and front. I told the nurse but she said I had the smallest size. Just wondering other people’s experience with cold cap? Is it normal for it not be really tight all over? I’m having ECx3 every 4 weeks then paclitaxel x12 following that.

Any experiences would be appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome to the forum , hopefully some people with experience of the cold cap will be along soon to share their experiences . You could also join the June chemo starters thread there a few ladies there who are going to try the cold cap and others further down the line will no doubt drop in to share their thoughts .

Hi you need to make sure it’s as tight as can be . To the point of almost being uncomfortable. I did cold cap most hair goes at temples and sides so

make sure everything is secure ! Good luck x 

As the caps come in standard sizes, I’m guessing it can’t be made any tighter? I’m using the smallest cap size myself, but the main thing I notice (apart from the cold!) is the weight of the thing.

The nurses asked me if I wanted to continue if I lose all my hair, and said that it can still help regrowth. I was wondering if I should wear something to protect my scalp in that case though.

Caps come in 3 sizes; small, medium & large. My 1st time I was given a large & like you it was not close to my scalp nor did I feel the cold. Looking back this was wrong & far too big but as I didn’t have any experience & wasn’t given a leaflet until on the day I didn’t know any better.

Second time I went I was given a small cap which was almost wedged on; very tight & very cold.

Unfortunately I think having the ill-fitting cap sped up my hairloss but I’ll never know for sure.

Clare Paxman is a good account to follow on Instagram. She has videos of how to fit the cold cap properly.

Good luck

I have been cancer free for 8 years now. I am here to encourage everyone going through this. I was one of the first people in my area to use coldcaps. Most of the nurses and doctors had never heard of cold caps. I want to tell you they worked for me. I am grateful for this forum. It was helpful for me.

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