Cold cap

Hi. Has anyone tried the cold cap, it can be used when having chemotherapy so u don’t lose your hair.
Has anyone tried it and dies it work for eyebrows as well as your hair

I thought long & hard but decided against it. I know people that have used it but with mixed results - for some it didn’t work, for some they couldn’t stand the cold and gave up and for others whilst it worked their hair went very thin. Unfortunately no it does not save your eyebrows.

Hi sahil

Here’s a link to the BCC hair loss publication which contains information about scalp cooling along with further support ideas from BCC which you may also find helpful:

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Lucy BCC

Hi I have today used the cap 3 times and although it painful in the fact it very very cold it has worked !!! My biggest worry was losing my hair, it has thinned a bit didn’t realise had so much hair but have still got a full head of hair no patches at all. Also some how also have eyebrows and lashes??? Definitely worth doing though x

I cold capped 14 times and it was definitely worth it. My hair thinned but I still have it. Miraculously I kept most of my eyebrows and lashes too. 3 x fec and 11 x taxol. Good luck! X