Cold cap

Ok I’m trying again hoping this time it’s getting to the October thread, has anyone tried the cold cap I’m day nine post first chemo I tried the cold cap but it didn’t feel very cold has anyone else found this I thinking maybe it wasn’t cold enough and won’t have worked after reading about others experiences I’m coming out of a very tough first week

Hi mum of many,

im from the January starters thread. I finished chemo in May and cold capped throughout. I’m so glad I did as I never had to face losing all my hair. My hair did thin a lot as I think the second time I had chemo the cap wasn’t on tight was v hard for the first ten minutes or so, but got easier after that.  Even though I have had my hair cut short now it’s thick and healthy with a lon g fringe so nobody would ever know I had chemo. It’s not easy and I nearly gave up after number 4, but I stuck with it. 

If you post in the October thread you will find support from others going through chemo. The January thread definitely helped me cope. 

Chemo is so hard, but you will get through it. I’m a stronger, better person as a result of my bc journey!

lots of love,

claire xxxx

Thankyou I keep trying to post in October thread and it’s not getting there for some treason but thanks for replying, I didn’t find it uncomfortable at all it was a bit cold but no where near what I’d call uncomfortable so I don’t think it was on properly or cold enough but I suppose time will tell if I loose my hair it’s not the end Of the world x