Cold cap

I am starting Chemo A.C. x 4, then Taxol x 12…will the cold cap work with this type of chemo?

Hi seb. I’m don’t know a lot about that particular regime. I had fec then T. I capped and didn’t lose any hair. I used the paxman cap, which is offered in most hospitals. If you go onto the paxman cap website there is a contact number. Why not give them a call. Good luck.

You just have to try it and see! It is different for everyone and some people are just unlucky and lose hair on a “milder to hair” drug and some people keep theirs on high doses of “said to be brutal to hair” drugs.


It won’t work if you don’t wear it! It might work if you do but you will not know for about 3 weeks after your 1st chemo if your hair will shed.


If you cold cap then don’t mess around with your hair much. Use a wide tooth comb, wash it less than once a week,never under the shower,  pat it dry, use a leave in conditioner and LEAVE IT ALONE. I had one of the best results they have seen with it. It it thin but nobody that did not know me well would have noticed a thing.

I am on AC and cold capping, did it work for you?