Cold Capping Q?

Has anyone heard of putting your fingernails in frozen peas and having ice in your mouth while you are cold capping? I friend recommended this, but she went through chemo 10 years ago and haven’t heard anyone else speak about it, so wondering if this is still relevant.

I asked about ice lollies during chemo to reduce the impact on the mouth but the hospital said they stopped doling lollies out as the evidence suggested that, as with the cold cap, freezing the mouth was only effective if it was prolonged and extensive, not occasional and local. Not many people could tolerate that discomfort/pain. However, I’m sure there are people who have found ice helped. I swear the massage oil prescribed by the medical herbalist at The Haven warded off a lot of the effects of peripheral neuropathy and protected my nails and I doubt there’s any ‘evidence’ for that. My advice is try whatever makes you feel more optimistic - but check with your team firm in case there are contraindications. I wasn’t allowed to use arnica for cannula-bruising (this, from an NHS that denies homeopathy can have any effect whatsoever!).