Cold Capping?

Hello fellow forum members!

I had an incidental early finding of triple+ BC in my right breast.  Got a double mastectomy in December (they got all, no spread, yay!).  I just started chemo on January 30th, (Docetaxel+ Carboplatin+ Herceptin).  The chemo will only last 6 cycles (1 every 3 weeks). I used a cold Cap and intend to continue.  I just started to shed some hair, which I shed hair like a cat before any of this, but it is freaking me out.  My logical mind says “shedding is normal for you without this, you are going to shed, calm down.”. My irrational mind says “you are going to be bald by morning.”. 

Has anyone else experienced the shedding while using a cold Cap?   I am guessing I am not alone here.   I know it’s just hair…but it’s my hair and I want to hang on to every strand I can, if for no other reason than to stick it to the whole ordeal. 

Thanks in advance.


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Hiya, I personally didn’t cold cap but a friend who I’ve met through treatment was using the cold cap. Unfortunately she managed 2-3 sessions before she lost quite alot of her hair and ended up having to shave it. It didn’t work for everyone but hopefully you’re just loosing thickness rather than going to be bald. I would keep trying as it works for some people. Hair is so important, I miss mine so much but hopefully will be hairy again xx good luck and stay positive :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart:

I will be having Carboplatin, Docetaxel and herceptin every 3 weeks starting in the next couple of weeks.

in 2015 I had chemotherapy and didn’t cold cap. This time I want to give it a go. Any tips or advice most welcome!

I have bought the Paxman shampoo and conditioner, have silk pillow cases and caps. Good luck and fingers crossed.

I understand shedding is expected regardless.

I just don’t want to get to a point where I have bald spots and can’t cover them. Also the lack of washing is freaking me out a little.

but… I just need to say I’ve tried this time x

good luck with your treatment 

Hey! I have used the cap for 4 ACs now and still have a full head of hair. But I’ve been shedding since probably week 3 after my first cycle. Don’t worry - the shedding will prob continue but stick it out! There’s a Paxman scalp cooling Facebook group which I’ve found really helpful if you are using the Paxman cold cap? X 

Hi, where did you buy the silk caps and pillowcases from? Thanks

Hi! I got those from Amazon xx

Ah ok, there’s quite a few companies and not sure which ones are 100% silk! Thanks so much for replying though :slightly_smiling_face: