Cold caps and hair loss

I’ve been using it during the chemo but not sure if that’s right or wrong?

My hair looks such a mess I’m having to wear a wig or hats anyway. My hair is shedding loads but I saw the onc on Friday and he said I would have very little hair by now without the cold cap.

Smiles x

Hi Just a quick one, i used cold cap thru 6 cycles very successfully, finished 10 days ago. NO you must NOT use Alpecin until chemo finishes, your hair has to be treated so gently, PH neutral shampoo ONLY ,Dove shampoo and conditioner is the one recommended by my chemo unit, i actually used baby shampoo , Alpecin stimulates hair follicles, by using the cold cap you are trying to dull them.

Good luck


Thanks Sal And congrats on finishing the chemo. xx

Hi Salcha66 … did you have much hair loss during your chemo… I too am using the cold cap and doing everything I’m told, including the silk pillowcase, but its coming out in handfuls and I have my second one in two days … x

Hi Angielav,

After my first chemo i lost an awful lot but i think that seems to happen to most of us and was thinking of giving up, when i went for my second chemo my chemo nurse suggested leaving it on longer after the chemo had been administered so it was left on for 3 hours afterwards. It made a massive massive difference, whilst my hair has thinned i still have a good decent bob and it has started to grow back after chemo 5. I hope the chemo nurses wet your hair well and apply loads of conditioner before putting on the cap and that it is fitting nice and tight, once mine was not touching at the back of my neck and the hair did come out but is growing back nicely.
I do know how tough it is but now i am at the end i am so glad i persevered as i have a good head of hair whilst the rest starts growing! You will still lose hair on each cycle but it does slow down.
If you have any more questions please dont hesitate to ask me.

Good luck with it


The thing I always thought about cold cap was that OK so my hair thinned a lot. By the time the 6th FEC was done I had bald patches but I could wear a hat / beret / baseball cap and longer bits showed underneath so it looked like I had chosen the headwear.

Good luck, try to wash it as little as poss (I used Simple shampoo and conditioner) and brush it gently only when needed (ie if you aren’t going anywhere leave it scruffy!)


Can someone tell me when you start feeling really rotten after the chemo? I’ve started worrying that if I’m going to start being really poorly after the treatment’s been administered, then do I really want to sit there for another 2-3 hours…? Or is it not for a few hours that you start feeling really sick? I have a long journey home…


Hi sandytoes
I can only give you my personal experience i hope it helps… On my first and second fec it took the sickness a couple of hours to kick in (usually by the evening i was feeling nauseas but i must say that the anti-sickness tabs that they give you really helped. As my chemo went on i felt a lot more sick pretty much after i left the hospital. They did up my anti sickness on chemo 5 because on number 4 i found that the tabs were not working aswell. I had my chemo on a Thursday and generally by the Tuesday i had stopped feeling sick. I hope this helps and hopefully you wont suffer too much. Dont suffer in silence there is always a stronger anti sickness. Good luck with the rest of your treatment and if i can help in any other way just shout…
Kaz x

Thanks Sal for the update - I wont use the Alepcin any more. Silly me!

Sandytoes, I have only had one session of TAC so far but I didn’t have any sickness or nausea. I came home and slept but I think that was because the combination of steroids and not sleeping well because I was worrying about chemo the next day. Apart from being weary for a few days it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting. Round 2 tomorrow so here’s hoping it will be the same. Good luck everyone

Smiles x

I have only had one EC … I didn’t feel any nausea until the end of the day … and then felt tired and nauseous for four days after … right as rain in the 2nd and 3rd weeks.

Thanks for the info about the hairloss … its still coming out in droves but I am going to continue with the cold cap tomorrow. It says on the Paxman leaflet to wash it 24-48 hours before cool cap but as I washed it Saturday I wasn’t sure if this was necessary. Have been in touch with Paxman and they said its up to me, as long as I’m gentle.

Hi all, I am sat in hospital having chemo without the cold cap (gasp). I have decided that my hair looks such a mess as I normally colour, straighten etc that I have to wear a wig or hat anyway. The itching and hair dropping out is driving me mad so tonight I am going for the GI Jane look and I have decided to invest in hair extensions on the other side. I’m getting quite used to the wigs. I am on TAC which is one of the least successful with the cold cap so for those of you embarking on the cold cap good luck and I hope you have great results.
Smiles x

Hi Smiles!

Good on you! I’ll bet you’re going to rock the GI Jane look!!


Been thinking of you Sandytoes, I hope you’re ok
Smiles x

Thanks Smiles! I’m OK. Session 1 cold cap, all good. Side effects haven’t been too bad, although I’ve been REALLY emotional today. Just can’t stop crying! Hoping it’s a side effect of my steroids! Going to have a nice long bath now, an early night and will hopefully be more cheery tomorrow!

How are you getting on with the new hair do?!


Hi Sandytoes, good to hear you aren’t suffering too much. Good on you girl! Baths are lovely, Dr Haushka spruce bath oil was so fabulous like walking in the forest. I used to put some on a flannel and cover my face! Felt so much better afterwards. Hope you aren’t getting mouth ulcers, keep brushing and use a mouth wash - it does help. I saw my dentist this week as I had a few problems during chemo and he was really pleased. Take care, Lou x

Glad to hear you’re ok Sandytoes. Enjoy your bath!

Getting used to the new hair or lack of it - not sure how long it will be before looking more like Matt Lucas than GI Jane though!

Got a new addiction - wigs. Purchased another on weds, I now have 4 looks - GI Lisa (or GI Mummy), Angelina (my halo wig for hat wearing) Inrid my blonde party girl and Clara who is more elegant and understated. Oh well might as well have some fun along the way…

I hope everyone else is doing well too!

Love Smiles xx

Hair still falling out big style … wig has arrived so off to get a bit of styling on it … and now wondering whether to have the remaining shaved or not … or see what EC 3 does? Need some wigs for fun … not too expensive … anyone any ideas for buying from internet??

Hi Angielav,

I have ordered a few…if you like hats but dont want to go for the hat with no hair underneath there’s something called a Halo wig (a bit like a monk). It means that you can wear nice hats without getting too hot. If you use a bandanna the look changes to rock chick.

I had mine styled so it wasn’t too full and I even clip it up. Worth a try for a change.

Smiles xx

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Hi everybody
I’ve had a positive experience of cold cap (Paxman)and wanted to share this just in case anyone is wondering about using it or not. So far I’ve had 9 lots of weekly Taxol (one week off every 3 weeks) and so far have kept a full head of hair - albeit the grey is now creeping thru!
My onc nurse really believes in it and encouraged me from day one to give it a go. She really does pull it down tight on my head (I feel like I’ve lost a few inches of height each time she squashes it on me)and she ensures there is no ‘bubble’ or gap at the top of the cap.

I appreciate I might just have been lucky so far, or it might be the chemo that I’m having, but at least its given me 3 months so far with my locks intact.
Good luck anyone trying it