Cold caps and hair loss

Hi everybody
This is the first time I have posted on here, so here goes.
This I trust is a message of hope!
I started an eight, three week cycle course of FEC back in February.
I went through the usual OMG what is going to happen to me. it was a really awful time, but you know that.
I’ve now had five of those treatments so have passed my halfway mark.
I was lucky and offered the cold cap treatment.
First treatment my hair fell out in drifts just before my second treatment. Seemed like a bin full!!!
Really debated whether to carry on. I asked everybody who might know something about it whether to continue. So many different opinions, many far from positive.
Being a stubborn ‘b’ I decided to carry on.
Hate the cap it makes me feel c…p, headache etc. I want to rip it off by the end of the session.
But guess what? I still have hair.
Yes. I lost a lot after the first treatment.
Yes. I am still losing some hair (not much more than usual).
Yes. I have to take care of it (I only wash it once a week).
But I still style it and my friends really don’t think it has thinned that much. I cut it shorter and it looks great.
Please, please try it! It’s got to be worth it!
Please contact me if you want any info both positive and negative.


My experience is pretty similar to yours. I have used the cold cap and have just had FEC5. Lots of hair came out just before my second FEC and I am still shedding a bit, but my hair is still covering my head and I think I just look like someone with quite thin hair. Just got one more FEC to go so I’m hopeful it won’t get much worse. If you can put up with it I think it’s definitely worth perservering with the cold cap.

Helen x

Thanks for that Twiglet, I started my first of 8 fecs this week and I used the cold cap. Hopefully, I will be as lucky as you. I am getting a wig this week just in case!.

Best wishes, Lynn

Hello ladies,

im having fec 6 on tuesday, my last one,
ive used the cold cap throughout, its not pleasant BUT i still have hair all though its thinned out alot on top, i think this is where the cap does not quiet fit onto scalp… i still shed hair but what gets me through is the fact at the end of treament i will still have hair that i can start styling again, plus if its only 60% left its more than i would of had if i’d not persevered with.
good luck ladies

love and hugs


plus i still have lashes and brow, even thought the cold cap ha nothing to do with them… RAPID LASH my saviour.

Hi I started FEC yesterday with the cold cap so take comfort from what you have talked about xx will keep you posted x


Hi ladies, another success story here, i have my last chemo in two weeks and have used cold cap. I still have a good head of hair and only bald patch is just under my hair at back of my neck just the right side where the cold cap did not touch tight enough once. I too lost a lot on the first and i think this tends to put a lot of ladies off but i persevered and it has slowed down. My thoughts are that even though it does not look as thick or as long as it used to, i have got a damn good start for when it starts growing again and i am sure it has had a lot to do with how i have felt throughout chemo.
Its nice to see some success stories because i do feel that it does get a bad press sometimes.

Quick wave to Donna P, i know we started at around the same time Donna and have posted occasionally to each other about cold cap…well done girl we only gone and nearly done it!! :slight_smile:

Best wishes to all


Hi There,
I used cold cap for 6 FEC and Tax over the winter. Hair loss was minimal and only towards the end, on Tax when I lost an eyebrow and lashes almost overnight. It was well worth it for me so do persevere.

Hi all you frozen headed ladies out there.
I’m so glad there are other success stories out there.
I certainly persevere with it. At least you have a head start at the end if you still have a reasonable head of hair.
Good luck to all of you. Old saying ‘this too will pass!’

Hi there,

I too used cold cap and have my last of 6 fec treatments on friday.I too lost what seemed like loads of hair within the first few weeks but it did slow down. I still have loads of hair and yes it is thinner on top and I have to make sure I have a side parting to cover this. All my friends have said that they cant tell the difference. So go with cold cap as it works!!! Sarah

Did my first EC on 17th May with cold cap … yes it was really awful but so far so good… early days I know but reading all your comments has given me hope to continue with it.

I had a few very thin patches on top after finishing 6 FEC with cold cap but I wore a beret in Winter and baseball cap when it got a bit warmer and they looked like fashion accessories because there was long hair showing underneath the hats. The thin patches have now filled in with short hair that has grown since the end of chemo and been spurred on by Alpecin shampoo.

Hi Nottsgal… when did you finish your chemo, and when did you start using the shampoo? dont know if ive already asked you this but im getting alittle inpatient now, even though ive only been finished a week and know i need to wait at least till it stops coming out when i comb it,

love and hugs

Hi Donna

My last chemo was 14th March and I was seriously annoyed that hair was still coming out 5 weeks later despite my best efforts (only washing once per week and only combing if necessary - when I was going somewhere). That’s when I asked about using the Alpecin. My hair stopped falling out and started regrowing in the thin bits. I even had it cut 2 weeks ago, having not been near a salon since November.

Hope your hair stops falling out soon. It is maddening.


Hi Nottsgal,

Sorry for a possibly silly question…but what’s Alpecin…? I’m new to this (diagnosed on Monday) and starting chemo next week.

Thank you!

Thanks for your comments ladies, I have just started loosing hair after my first TAC, I am due foe TAC2 on Monday and was thinking about throwing the towel in and giving up on the cold cap as I wondered if it would be worth it. You’ve inspired me to carry on, thank you!!!

Nottsgirls, Alpecin is a caffine shampoo that is meant to stop hair loss and help growth. I ordered it from Amazon but I’ve seen it on sale in Sainsburys. Good luck next week!
Smiles x

Have had one EC and due my second on Tuesday … using the cold cap… but horror of horrors … a big clump of hair came out today and I seem to be shedding everytime I move. Its not noticeable yet … and I will continue with the cap on Tuesday … how bad is it gonna get?

Hello, I did 4 cycles of AC with the cold cap and decided to give up when I went onto tax as the time I would have to spend in the chemo unit with the cap on would have been about 7 hours. I lost a lost a of hair during the first 4 cycles and although at the time it gave me comfort to have some of my hair, looking back now I realise I looked terrible! The hair that was left was dry and wispy and I woke up every morning to a pillow of hairy bits! I decided when I started tax not to bother and yes I cried when I shaved the remains of my long blonde hair off but I felt so much better. I’m glad I did the four months with the cold cap but if it doesn’t work for you girls then just embrace the GI Jane look. So many people have complimented me on my very short hair saying I look younger so there is an upside! X

It’s coming out in droves now … so upsetting and I’ve got another five to go …
When should you start using the Alpecin shampoo … when you’ve finished all the chemo?

Oh. Good question. My alpecin arrived today and I was going to start using it during chemo. Wrong thing to do…? x

Hi Sandytoes … I just presumed you would have to use the Alepcin after chemo … as during chemo they suggest you use a PH neutral shampoo whilst using the cold cap … it has to be really gentle apparently… I suspect the Alpecin would be too harsh on the scalp but I dont know and can’t seem to get any info x