Cold Caps & Second Round of Chemo

Hello - I’m new to the site and I actually have ovarian cancer.  It’s hard to find discussion groups for ovarian cancer though.  I thought I would check with you lovely ladies about your experiences with cold caps.  I just finished my first round of chemo at the end August 2017.  Unfortunately my cancer appears to be coming back. I imagine I’ll start chemo again soon.  So my hair is very short but it’s finally covering my head at least. The whole reoccurence of cancer breaks my heart, but the thought of losing what little hair I have (again) is quite daunting.  I’ve been reading the threads about cold caps here, but I didn’t see anything about wearing a cold cap when you’ve got only a little hair to begin with from previous chemo.  Any thoughts or suggestions?


~Bummed in Michigan

Hi Celticsun ,good luck with your treatment - sorry you are having to go through cancer again - hopefully some ladies who have cold capped after recently having chemo will be able to help .x

The cold cap worked very well on me. They advise you to cut long hair anyway - it still works with long hair but it is harder to manage because it can get matted if you are not careful.


You should take a couple of pain killers before and take a flask of hot coffee with you. You might also want to have a look at a documentary called The Science of Fasting available on Amazon Prime free if you have it and cheap if you don’t BUT fast forward it til about 40 minutes in and you will see the amazing results for fasting, chemo and cancer. I also fasted and my side effects were not as bad as some others.


Oh and read up about Vitamin D3 and cancer.


We have to do everything we can to tilt the odds in our favour xxx

Hello celticsun, I’m sorry that you are going through this again. I didn’t cold cap the first time I had chemo & like yourself, the thought of losing it again was as soul destroying as hearing the cancer is back. I had finished chemo last January & states again in December. My hair is probably about 10cm & it feels like it’s been very slow to get to this length! I’m cold capping this time, I’ve had 3 cycles & although some shedding other people wouldn’t notice. As it’s got longer it’s also very curly! I think the nurses would advice you if they thought it was too short. Good luck xx