Cold Prothsesis !

This is my first winter wearing my prothsesis and My God it’s cold at times, any solutions out there please?

Pocketed bra?


Hi MargeryL

If you ring the manufacturer of your prosthesis and speak to their customer services, they might be able to sell you a cover to fit over the prosthesis.

Hope you get sorted.


I get dressed top half first and put the prosthesis on my leg for a while! Warms it up nicely.
Just for info, I also bought a material ‘beanbag’ type prosthesis from Nicola Jane - available on-line - called a Been-a-boob. This is really soft and warm and the beans mould to your shape really comfortably. It’s also really light so you don’t end up with an aching feeling at the end of the day.

If you run it under a warm (but not hot) tap and then dry it off that’ll make it less cold.

Ruby x