Cold Remedy

Woke up with a stonker of a head cold and soreish throat, I’m er+ and on Tamoxifen and unsure if I can take over the counter cold remedies! Any suggestions/cold cures anyone?

you could ask the helpline, or most pharmacists nowadays love to be asked technical questions. They should be able to tell you what things are best and will not interfere with the hormones

It never even occurred to me that I couldn’t take Lemsip!

Give the helpline a ring, they’ll have that kind of info to hand, I’m sure. And I hope your cold gets better soon. Some nice soft tissues for you, I think.

Hello MM, I had a stinking cold which lasted for weeks. You can take lemsips, paracetamols and asprins. The pharmacist has got to know me know and wanted to double check my medication. These were fine for me and i’m on Tamoxifen. She gave me some really effective nasal spray which you cannot take for longer than a week but it really did help me sleep. Honey and lemon strepsils helped my throat and a bag of Jakemans throat and chest sweets stopped my coughing at night. I hope this helps. Oh yes and sudafed was allowed too.

Double check with your pharmacist though.

Thanks. All info greatly appreciated - off to the chemist in the morning!