Cold sensation spreading over surgery site when drinking cold liquids, post mastectomy.

Two months post single mastectomy and when I drink cold liquids a strong cold sensation spreads over that side of my chest, I’ve had it ever since the surgery.

I’ve had various sugestions of the cause but would like to hear if other people have this?



I had this for a while but it eased off eventually. At my three month follow up I mentioned it and odd shooting pains I had. Surgeon said it was normal, due to nerves being cut during the surgery and nothing to worry about. I used to feel like every cold drink I swallowed went straight to my scar.

I can feel hot and cold drinks travelling down my oesophagus.  It’s not unpleasant, but it’s very obvious to me. I put it down to having had my pectoral muscle removed during my mx.  What suggestions have you had, Jennie?

It will be interesting to see if it fades over time or, more likely, we notice it less?  I have 33 rads coming up, so I expect my mind will be focussed on other side effects soon :wink:

I have that too - 4 weeks after single mx with sln biopsy. Sensitivity to swallowing cold drinks which I can feel in my gullet and into the breast area. Feels icy cold then passes straight away- I’m guessing it’s to do with nerve or tissue damage/healing but thought I’d ask surgeon next week at my ollow up appt…