Cold sore 3 days before surgery

I’m booked for my single mastectomy and DIEP reconstruction on Tuesday, but I’ve developed a cold sore on my nose over the weekend. I’m really worried they will cancel…

Oh bless you . I don’t think they would cancel you for this if it is just a cold sore .Have you been to a Pharmacy ? It would be a good idea to get it looked at - Zovirax ointment might help and they could give other advice. I think you should ring your BCN or surgery centre in the morning though .

I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you
Joanne x

Thanks, I’ve been using zovirax. I will call the plastics dept in the morning. My BCN is on jury service and is based at a different hospital!! I’m hoping it’s just an irritation for me rather than a problem for them…


Unfortunately the surgery has been postponed. There is a slight risk of the virus getting into my blood and potentially my brain. 3 consultants reviewed it and literature around it and decided not to take the risk…

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Oh I’m so sorry Fiona - when I thought it about it again then yes i can see exactly why they might cancel you . Have they recommended any further treatment to clear it up quicker ? I had a friend who used to suffer with a lot of cold sores and was recommended to take Vitamin C 250mgs daily . It didn’t stop them coming but she had them less frequently and they cleared up more quickly - forgive me if you’ve already tried this .

Joanne. X

Thanks for your kind reply. I’m on some antiviral drugs for the next week. I’ve only ever had 2 cold sores before and I’m 47!!

It’s just blooming typical isn’t it . I hope it clears up for you to be done at the next possible opportunity.


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