collar bone and shoulder blade mets... What does it feel like

Hi ladies

I’ve not posted on here for a long while as I’ve been trying so hard to get the whole experience out of my mind. I have 3 young children that need me and I can’t afford to dwell on the fact that I had BC. Right now though, I’m really struggling not to think on it. I have bone pain that is a constant reminder at the moment.

I was diagnosed grade 3 IDC in October 2013, er+,pr+,her2+. Had fecT, Herceptin, rads and did start in but stopped Tamoifen (it didn’t agree with my premenopausal state).
I’ve had some issues along the way, lymphodema and swollen nodes under my sternum which when biopsied came back clear but other than that I’ve been good.
So the reason I’m posting here is because I have bone pain in 2 areas ( rib and shoulder blade) and a very uncomfortable cringe worthy ache/sensation in my collar bone. I went to see my breast surgeon yesterday and told her about them all. I could have kicked her when she was examining the collar bone area because I feels so fragile, like the slightest bit of pressure would cause it to snap. She believes that it’s because I have a tight muscle in my neck, I’d said to my hubby the night before that it felt tight so he’d massaged it for me. I though, Ha, great, it’s been debunked and I can get on with my day. Then she examines my rib which feels bruised but as it’s the 1 under my implant that could well be caused by pressure of that. My shoulder blade was then examined and she said she couldn’t feel and dramatic changes but wants a bone scan because she suspects bone mets there.
Part of me worries and the other part thinks that I’ll be ok since nothing was found on my last CT scan which was October last year and I’ve been feeling otherwise fit and well.

Sorry about the long intro.

I’m here in the hope that anyone with information about collar bone, rib and shoulder blade issues could advise me so I don’t continue down the spiral of doom


Hi Kander and sorry you have to find yourself posting on here with your worries. It’s always useful if someone gives us their cancer ‘story’ as it’s quite difficult to offer advice if none of us know what you’ve been through! So, no apologies. I have bone mets and have had them for over 8 years now and although I know I’m fiddled with them I don’t know if I have any in my collar bone or shoulder blade. I don’t get any pain from them at all although I do know if I press certain areas on my ribs that I know I have mets in then it does feel tender. Sorry if this isn’t helping you but I would say the only way to find out whether you have mets or not is to have the bone scan. This will obviously cause a lot of anxiety, as we all know so well, but at least you would have an answer. There are lots of reasons though to have aches, particularly over the shoulders etc where we do store so much tension there. Not long after my bone mets diagnosis I was so tense I couldn’t even move my head properly I was so achey however my bone mets didn’t progress for another 5 years from then so it wasn’t the rapid spread that I was thinking!

I hope you get a few more answers although it tends to be quiet on the forum at the weekend and feel free to come back with any other questions.

Nicky x

Thank you for the reply Nicky.

Hopefully I’ll get a bone scan soon so I can find out either way. The wait is the worst

Hi Kander

I am pleased Nicky answered your post she is one of the ladies who gives us inspiration with their advice. I wish you good vibes with your bone scan please keep us informed how you get on. 

Sending you love and (((hugs))) xxx

Thank you.

I had the phone call yesterday asking me to go on Friday for the scan. Apart from the first lot of scans after my initial diagnosis, non of them have made me feel like this. I’ve had lots of various scans over the last 2 years, one of which showed up swollen lymph nodes and a mass under my sternum which eventually turned out to be benign but this waiting game easily trumps that one. I can only suspect it’s because I have the constant bone pain. I’m also starting to feel strain in the muscles but I’m thinking it’s more to do with how I’ve started to hold my shoulder rather than injury.
Also I’m scared because if I do get a call to go in for the results next week then I’ll be going it alone because my husband is working away in London all week. I’m keeping my fingers tightly crossed and trying so hard to push it to the back of my mind.

Hi Kander, just wanted to send you love and hugs…waiting for scans and results is horrendous but we’ll all be holding you hand, so to speak. I dont think i’ve ever had scan results within a week so hopefully your husband will be able to go with you when he’s back. cant really help much but jst wish you good luck. x

Thank you for your support.

I have had an occasion where I had a scan done on a Tuesday and something was picked up so I got a call on the Thursday asking me to go in. I’m trying so hard to push it to the back of my mind. It means a lot that I have your support

Hi all

I had my bone scan on Friday. I can’t help but worry, as I suppose we all do when awaiting results but this time feels more intense. About 90% of me believes it will come back all clear but the other 10% isn’t convinced. I think it’s because I have the shoulder pain still. I keep trying to tell myself it’s muscular but it really feels as though it’s emanating from deep within the bone.
I wish the phone would ring to give me an all clear because this waiting around it’s by far the worst bit. Even if it were to come back showing something then I’d rather know than not. I deal with things better when I know what’s what.

Fingers crossed the Rialto are in fast ?