Colonic Irrigation

I’m thinking of having colonic irrigation. I had it a few years ago and it did help with constipation and bloating and made me feel fantastic.
As chemo has played havoc with my intestinal tract I thought it might be a good idea to have it again.
Has anyone else had it done whilst on chemo or know of any reason why it would not be allowed?

Not had this before but would be interested to hear of others experiences. I’m 17mths post-treatment but my digestive system hasn’t recovered yet!

I would say give it a go definately. I know the thought of it is quite unpleasant to some but it isn’t an unpleasant experience and it does made you feel good after. Its quite expensive and you initially should have a course of about 3 and then one repeat treatment every 3 months or so.
When I had it before I only had two treatments but the effect was amazing!

I think I would be quite wary of having this during chemo and certainly wouldn’t go ahead without consent from the Oncologist. You may find that the place that does the irrigation wouldn’t do it anyway if you’re having chemo.
If you can go ahead then hygiene would need to be absolutely tip top because of potential infection risk (stating the obvious here). The second thing is that chemo can affect the mucous membranes and make them more delicate so it might be more risky to have this during chemo.

I’d never had constipation in my life until I had taxotere and now have it all the time.

Be very interested to know when you said the effect was amazing what that effect was? did it improve the constipation or make you feel better?
Elinda x

I will speak to my oncologist first. You have made some good points there which I hadn’t thought of before. I’m just a bit desperate at the moment and feel that anything that can make me feel less bloated generally stuffed must be a good thing!
When I had it before I was prone to bloating and constipation and after having the treatment I was free of that for months after. It helps with skin, hair and general well being and just makes you feel less sluggish.

I’m considering this. I’ve been told to take psyllium husk morning and night for a month beforehand but keep forgetting to take it.

where do you get that from, what does it do and who advised you to take it?

Basically it’s ground up peanut shells in capsule form, you take the capsules to increase your dietary fibre intake. You can get them from health food shops, I get them from Holland & Barrett. I’ve taken them for years but I can’t say that I’ve noticed any significant difference with them (so why do I keep taking them, don’t know!). The thing I’ve found really effective is to have a probiotic yoghurt each day - I used to suffer all sorts of digestive problems and have found that the yoghurts have helped a lot. And of course they also help top up some of the vitamins and minerals that us BC ladies need.
Sarah x

I get my psyllium husks from my local wholefood shop. On-line supplement shops such as the Nutricentre also sell them.

Just to add to what I said. It was the therapist doing the colonics who told me to take the psyllium husks for a month before doing a colonic irrigation as I had never had one before. Psyllium husks act like roughage and help prevent constipation. I suppose it will help to loosen things up a bit and make the process a bit easier. She told me to mix 2 teaspoons of psyllium husks with a bit of boiling water and stir then top up to about a pint with water. I have to do this twice a day at least 20 minutes before meals (it would stop me absorbing nutrients if taken close to food or supplements). But as I keep forgetting to take my second dose in the day I don’t know when I’ll end up having one!!!

Wow i just googled colonic irr and chemo and it directed me to this website!!! im about to start chemo and thought of having col irr beforehand and wondered if good idea? Shar xx

I think I’d give this a miss during chemo-all the mucous membranes are so very delicate and any damage/bleeding could open the way to infection.I found constipation controllable with a high fruit diet but actually,on taxotere,many people[including me] have found that diarrhoea is more of a problem.


Hi Shar
I started this thread and I did have a colonic mid way through my chemo. It helped immensley with the chemo constipation. I was going to go back for another but the therapist was on holiday for a couple of weeks, then I was away, then it was nearing Christmas and I couldn’t afford it so that was that.
I do think its worth having though