Colour hair after radiotherapy

I just finished 15 fractions of radio and have been told by radiologist that l cannot colour or cut hair for 6 weeks is this true with no explanation given

This sounds extraordinary. Did you have any part of your head irradiated?


I was not given any such instructions. It was my left breast and the lower part of the axilla that were treated. My head was right out of the line of fire. I was able to wear earrings throughout the treatment and wash my hair as much as I wanted. The X-ray beams were very precisely targeted.


You could check with your GP, who might be able to contact the radiologist for you and get clarification of this.

Hello Pembertonrose, 


I am in agreement with Appletree. 


If you are talking about breast and axilla radiotherapy then this should not affect hair colouring or cutting (unless underarm hair ?). 


I would contact your radiotherapy department and ask for an explanation.  If a radiologist is advising this to breast patients then they need some extra training. 


Another possibility,  have you just finished chemo recently and if so,  were they possibly advising on that?  


Best wishes to you,  ? Chick X

I definitely went for my hair colouring and cutting after rads. It was a treat!! Was not advised I couldn’t do it. My hair is slightly thinner than it was 9 months ago but this is being attributed to anastrozole!! Go ahead you’ll feel better for it!!???

Agree with this.Had my hair coloured professionally by a hairdresser I totally trusted.Had a patch test and had it done about 4 weeks after rads finished and it was absolutely fine.Couldnt stick the steely grey colour that had grown back!

I went to a fabulous hairdresser, Daniel Field, who treats ladies during and after chemo. None of my hair fell out and I still get compliments on it (I used ice cap and was on Paclitaxel). He uses a seaweed bleach and all the dyes are natural.