Colouring hair post chemo

Am nearly 4 months post last chemo and my hair is growing back well. I actually love having really short hair and am keeping it so, but it has come back all grey.
How long do I have to wait to get it coloured? I’ve just Googled this and its come up with all sorts of answers, none which are consistant in their advice.
Thank you

Iam 5 months post chemo, due to herceptin my hair is growing back but very very slowly. I was told 6 months, and to then only use a non chemical dye. Apparently there is 1 available in Holland and Barretts that is ok to use. Let me know how you get on

i had my wig cut at trevor sorbie and the “my new hair” stylist tld me 6 months post chemo but they want a letter from your onc first to say its ok

I finished chemo last September and had my hair coloured professionally in December with no bad effects. I think a lot of the advice refers to the bad old colourants which used more chemicals - most of the dyes now (at least the ones my hairdresser uses) are ‘natural’ colours. I’d speak to him / her - they’ll have dealt with people in the same situation before and know what best to do.

They say six months post chemo for colouring hair, and to use a vegetable based one i think.
There is one in Holland and Barratt (Naturtint) that has been recommended by a few people on here.

I guess the best thing to do would be to consult your hairdresser and ask their advice.

All the best.
Nasreen x

I had mine coloured after 5 months-there was very little of it,very thin, but I wanted to do something with what I had! When I first I had it done I found a salon that had someone specialising in post-chemo hair, where they used a plant based dye that was gentle on the hair and scalp. Try googling ‘My New Hair’-that was the name it all went under, it did cost a fortune though, but at the time I really wanted it so it was worth it! Since then there may well be other salons doing it at a more reasonable rate. I think the range of dye was just called ‘organics’, maybe it is possible to buy and do at home.
C x


I finished chemo in March and mine has come back grey. My hairdresser put a blonde tint on it last week and its a little better; at least I feel comfortable going scarfless. Whatever ‘they’ say, I’m getting it bleached in August. If it falls out, so be it!


Hi Jane75

As well as the advice and support you are receiving from the other forum users you may also find it useful to have a look at the BCC booklet ‘Breast cancer and hair loss’, it includes a section on when your hair grows back which may be helpful. If you would like a copy just follow this link:-

Best wishes Sam (BCC Facilitator)

Thank you very much for all your comments, they were very helpful.
I saw my hairdresser yesterday and had a little trim, and am going back at the end of August for a colour. She is going to get me one of the Nutratint ones thats doesnt use chemicals.
Love jane