Colouring 'new' Hair!

Hi All, I’m sure this question has been asked many times before so please excuse me for being lazy and starting a new post!
How have you all got on with colouring the strange coloured hair that grows back after chemo? I am still in the wig stage but have about 6 weeks of hair growth which seems to be white at the front and darker all over - ie The Badger look! How does colour mousse take and when would you attempt a semi-permanent let alone a permanent colour?
I’d be grateful for any helpful tips. Thanks, Bev x

I used Holland&Barrett Naturtint (£10), the first time about 6 weeks post chemo after doing a strand test first. Have stuck with it ever since as I like the idea that it has less chemical substances in it than ordinary colour products.

Hi Bev, I waited 3 months then went to a hairdresser for a semi.
She said that the hair won’t be strong enough for a permanent colour until the re-growth is 6 months old.

The home ones are supposed to work quite well for brown shades, but other ladies have reported redder shades going bright purple and blonde shades going lemon.
Hair has been changed at a molecular level during chemo so doesn’t react properly.

We discuss all this in the “My hair has a sense of humour” thread.

Me too Bev… I’m about ten weeks post chemo and the badger look is a real pain in the wotsit… 3 more weeks and gonna brave the hairdressers and see what can be done!

Thanks ladies, I’ve just spent an entertaining half an hour reading ‘my hair has a sense of humour’ thread which has answered my question. Some useful comments especially the purple hair - note to self what to avoid! Bev x

Hi Bev

It is me with the purple hair!!! I am 2 months post chemo so probably my own fault as they do say wait 6 but I really hated the grey/brown that came through. I put a dark brown permanent dye over the purple and now have … Dark Purple hair (OH Well) Actually doesn’t look too bad the roots have taken this time ( was left with grey roots about 1 cm and the rest bright purple Very attractive not!!! But it looks better now the roots are darker all be they brown not purple like the rest. It also sticks up like a loo brush so you could really see the grey bits!

Will leave well alone now I think

Think you need to change your name now Tolliebelle to ‘Purple Haze’!

Lol x

I started off by using henna from Lush which takes ages to do and is very messy but gave a fantastic result on my then very short hair.
After that I switched to Herbatint products.

Herbatint do a semi-permanent range and also a permanent range. They have a piece on their website from a French magazine (like our Which magazine) that rated Herbatint the top when looking at performance and lowest toxicology. In fact it was the only one they rated as acceptable (Naturtint was deemed to have too many chemicals although wasn’t as bad as others such as L’oreal). Of course I can’t say how valid the French magazine study was.

Herbatint doesn’t contain parabens, ammonia or resorcinol. All permanent colours do need to contain PPDs.

They give a lot of info on FAQ link too.

I get mine from a health food shop that are happy to order whatever colours I need in.

Elinda x

I used Herbarint too - recommended by Paxman. I was naughty and used it 6 weeks after my final chemo on both my cold cap hair and my new sproutings and my hair looked great and felt in better condition than before. The colour took really well. I was too impatient to wait the recommended amount of time…and only time will tell if that was a mistake! 2 weeks on now though and it’s looking good.

Lol Tolliebelle…thanks for the Herbatint info and link that definitely sounds promising. I’m not at the loo brush stage yet more a well used toothbrush and still a non-descript colour! Dark but blacky grey I think definitely not the chocolate brown I was! Will hang on impatiently for a while and have a chat with my hairdresser first - I think I will be too scared to colour it myself - I’ll pay her to have all the stress instead! Bev x