Comfy Bras suggestions where to buy please?

Hi I will be having a lumpectomy on Friday 13th ? and wondered if any of you could give advice on where to buy comfy bras which are good for post op TKU

Hi sunflower hope all goes with the op, I too had a lumpectomy and have found the Royce surgical bras very comfortable and being front fastening made life a lot easier. I have just ordered 2 Macon bras as have developed a haemotoma and they are not quite as comfortable, the feedback in these is really good and Sharon (gebera13) have posted really favorable comments. Good luck and take care x x

Hi Sunflower,


I think that as long as it is a compression bra it will do the job of keeping everything in shape and minimising bruising/scarring problems.  I found the Royce bras a bit of a problem as they’re not really designed for larger bust sizes and the compression is very strong (a lot like wearing an elastic band on top of wounds - ouch) but they might be OK for smaller cup sizes.  The Macon bras will fit any cup size and the compression isn’t so strong so they are more comfortable to wear.


I think some of the smaller ladies have been able to get by just with normal nursing bras which you can get in Sainsbury’s, Asda etc (I’m told Debenhams do a pack of 2 for about £18 pounds which are very good)


Hope that helps



Hi All TKU for your responses I’ll have a look online to see what is available

Hi Sunflower,
I wore Bravado seemless silk bra. Actually a maternity bra…available john lewis, fig leaves, amazon etc. If you are a larger cup you need to size up. They have a curved foam disc in a double layered soft stretchy cup. I found the foam quite helpful since if need be after op or during rad’s (should you need them) you can pad out with a few cotton wool make up pads to take pressure off any particularly tender points.
Bra also has v wide soft underband…again v helpful during rads.
Wishing you the best outcome from your op. I’m now a fair few months post rads…its a journey…you do emerge the other end.