Comfy Bras

I have recently been diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer and find myself about to start chemo for 5 months with surgery to follow. i have been wearing over the head soft crop bras which are ok for the house but not enough support for day wear - size 32F. The M&S crop tops are not supportive enough. Any ideas without breaking the bank greatly appreciated.


I had 3 lumpectomies and a mx and am a 40 H, well on one side now! I found the Doreen Delicate bras very comfy and they do the larger cups. The cups are soft. If you look on line you can pick them up for about £20. Good luck with your treatment, just take a day at a time. Francine

Hi I was measured and fitted at m&s and am still wearing the two bras I bought. But after surgery I was advised to buy a simple sports bra. Couldn’t find one but found ASDA on line did a range of supportive, light but inexpensive bras which were perfect. Worth a look.  Hope you find what you need soon. Take care x

Thanks for your advices. I have ordered a couple from Asda to try. The maternity bra (as they had slim straps) and the post surgery. Fingers crossed on the sizing now.



I got a front fastening bra from the Breast Unit. They put it on straight after my surgery whilst I was in theatre. It was about £20 so did not break the bank. I think you can get them online as well. I looked at Live Better With and have just had to ask for a refund as the bra I ordered is still not in stock. 


ASDA do post surgery bras and yesterday I wore my normal non underwire one whilst the other was in the wash. Hope you get sorted x

Prior to my TM surgery I went and tried the M&S sports bra which also come with pockets for post surgery. The lady in the fitting room was a BC survivor and could not have been more helpful. I then did what I always do and bought the same bras as factory seconds from eBay for a fraction of the cost (£6 for a two pack of really good well supporting high impact sports bras with wide adjustable straps). The BC nurse at the hospital commented on the good fit, and gave me a bra extender just to cope with the post surgery swelling. You can also buy them on eBay or M&S.