Coming off omeprozole

Hi all

I finished chemo nearly seven weeks ago. I had awful indigestion with tax and started to take omeprozole morning and night. It worked really well. About three weeks after my last chemo I stopped taking it in the day time and after a couple of days stopped the night time dose too. Not long after I had my first herceptin and felt a bit sickly but I put it down to the herceptin and then some anti dizziness meds I was taking. Anyway, the sickly feeling has got progressively worse over the last week or so. My oh says he has been feeling sickly too, but he is feeling better and I am not. I am full of wind and feel a bit bloated. ( I have not had my herceptin again, due to rads and I am no longer taking any meds for dizziness)

I just wondered if maybe I came off the omeprozole too soon. Anyone have too stay on it long term?

I know there are bugs going round and I do have two miniature germ factories, but this feels suspiciously like chemo indigestion. I have no other symptoms of being unwell, except the remnants of a cold.

Any thoughts would be appreciated- yes I will be mentioning it to the doc on Tuesday.


Hi Deb

I am still taking lansoprazole which is very similar and was wondering the same thing, when is the right time to come off them. I am 7 weeks since last chemo like you. i have stayed on them bec a few years I suffered from acid reflux and I can still sometimes feel the acid coming up my throat.

When I suffered from acid reflux a couple of years ago the only sympton I had was feeling sick most of the time and a bit of bloating, I thought I was pregnant at the time! I know that nausea is another sympton of acid reflux.

Amanda xx

Hi Amanda

I still have a box of omerprazole left so I have taken two today. It might take a while to kick in, but it might settle things down.

Anyone given advice on how or when to stop taking these meds?


Hi, I took lansoprazole through Chemo.I had my last one on 11 Nov and asked the nurse when I should stop taking it. she suggested I take it for a week then see if I could manage without. I stopped taking it after about 8 days and, apart from a bit of indigestion, have been ok. I have dizziness too but have put it down to the Labrynthitis. I went for RADS planning last week and felt dizzy lying completely flat so will ask my GP on Tues if there is anything I can take to prrevent this. havn’t started Herceptin yet, I go for my planning tomorrow.

Good luck with your planning carol. Deb, hope you get to rads ok today. Bumping this up.

It’s a difficult one. I’ve been on it now since April and my Onc and surgeon say I could well be on it long term. They have both reassured me that it is safe. Never had any problems before I had taxotere.

I have tried several times to come off but feel very unwell when I do. Wake up with terrible acid taste in my mouth, feel like I have indigestion all day and feel generally under the weather etc.

Midge - probably the only way you’re going to know is to go back on it again and see how you feel. I usually find that after a couple of days back on it symptoms settle down again. It might be better to reduce the dose once things settle rather than stop it completely so only take it once a day.

Hope you feel better soon, Elinda

Thanks everyone

Elinda, still feel off today, but am seeing the doc tomorrow after rads so I will see what she says.

Carol, I took betahistine for dizziness after chemo finished and touch wood it seems to have improved it, although I can get a little dizzy if I get up too quickly. The only prob was it can make you feel a bit sicky too and you have to take it with food. But I stopped taking these about 10 days ago, after a 30 day course. Hope you get yours sorted.

Nightmare getting to rads in the snow. Hope it’s better tomorrow- heavy snow and thunder and lightning this morning.


Hi Deb

Sorry you’re feeling rotten. I’ve been taking omezrapole since starting chemo but since being on Tamoxifen have suffered even worse indigestion & dreadful acid reflux, so am carrying on taking them.

Hope you manage to get to rads safely - this snow just adds to the stress doesn’t it? Bright & sunny here in the north east and snow thawing nicely so hope same with you. x

Funny isn’t it because my surgeon doesn’t seem to think there is a link between acid reflux and chemo but lots of us have developed the problem while on tax. I was also wondering about the tamoxifen as mine worsened once I went on that.

Well there’s no doubt that Tax & Tamoxifen have played havoc with my stomach - mainly problems with acid and bloating. My onc also insists there’s no link between Tamoxifen & aches & pains - I don’t believe him!


I am not on tamoxifen, so it’s not that with me. In fact I was feeling quite well until about ten days ago. I don’t know if something has triggered this and my stomach is still raw and sensitive. Dx

The steroids could certainly contribute to reflux, but we aren’t usually on them for very long. Are you on any other meds that could upset that area? Ask your friendly neighbourhood pharmacist and have a talk with your GP.
I have been on omeprazole for 3 plus years now, originally for horrendous heartburn associated with NSAID prescribed post op,added to by steroids prescribed for another disorder, then “helped along” by bisphosphonates for osteopenia. At one point in cutting them down ws advised to do it slowly.

Another long termer here - I’ve been on Omeprazole for 2 years in January! My GP just said to carry on taking it, as I always used to get acid reflux even before all this palaver started. I just take 1 x 20mg at night. (If it ain’t broke …)x