coming off tamoxifen

I’m due to come off this year and just wondered what others experience of this was. Did you feel any different? Did you have any more energy? And did you stop suddenly or gradually?


Sorry, but I can’t help. bumping up for you


I would like an answer to this too. I can’t wait to finish Tamoxifen and long to get back to ‘normal’… whatever that is…?

I finished Tamox after being on it for just over 5 yrs. Finished it in Dec last year so been free of it for about 3 months now.
I’ve found it harder to shift my weight despite increasing my exercise over the last 2 years or so. Towards to the end of the 5 yrs I started losing weight more easily but now I’m not on it, it’s much harder to shift!
I had heard some people mention this but didn’t think it was true!

I still get occasional small flushes but nothing anywhere near as bad as what I had in the first 3 years of being on it.

I also felt quite down after coming off it and decided to try St Johns Wort which has helped a lot!
Just a few tips girls.

I’m sure not everyone has any of these things happen to them. xx