coming off zoladex...what happens next? please help!

Hi everyone,

I need some advise and reassurance!!I am due to come offy zoladex injections July 2010 but decided to have my last injection last week (i have the 12 weekly ones) and should run out on March 2nd. I have terrble side effects which include Osteoperosis, endless hot flushes, weight gain, depression, mood swings and anxiety attacks. The osteoperosis was the straw that broke the camels back and i decided enough is enough. I am desperate to feel “normal” again and my bc nurse and onc have both said that the side effects should go. I am really worried that my periods wont return as i am still going to be taking tamoxifen. I dont think that I can cope to feel like this for another 3 years (thats how long I have left on tamoxifen). I also worry that I am coming off the zoladex and it may be the tamoxifen that is causing these vile SE’s. I am at my whits end!!!Can anyone tell me if they went through the same and the side effects stopped once off zoladex?

Anyones answer would be very much appreciated!

Emily xxxx


I had zoledex for 2 yr and continued with Tamoxifen afterwards. I didnt notice much difference in SE at the end of the 2 yr but by then they had already decreased compared to when I started. I did start having periods again, after a couple of months or so.