Coming out the other side - one year on!


Just wondered if anyone diagnoised end of april-may time would like to be ‘friends’, corney i know but didn’t know how else to word it.Thought it may be helpful to get to know others going through this s***y thing at the same time.

I’m Gina 39 mum of 3, 11,10 and 3 just recently gone back to work part time (self employed) found lump end of March, diagnoised 8th may with idc, 2.3cm 8/8 but don’t know anything else yet, lumpectomy and SNB 20th and back tomorrow for results.

would love to here from you


We’ll all by your friends, Gina. It’s not silly, that’s what we need - people who know what this is like. Where are you from? You might find local people who already meet up, or would like to.

hi peppa,
I was diagnosed with IDC grade 2 13mm ER+ on 30th april, had surgery on 15th may and due to get results from WLE and SNB on 8th june. I’m 35 with an 11 yr old son so am in similar circumstances to you. Though i’m currently still off work due to the fact that i work for my local council and never had a day off sick for about 6 yrs so making the most of this lovely sunshine as best i can under the circumstances! This stuff gets more confusing by the day and lots of ??? so i too am interested in talking to people going through the same things.
Best of luck for tomorrow

Hey there. i am 32 and was diagnosed 24th April with grade 3 BC.Had WLE and sentinel node biopsy on 7th may. Due to see ~ONC on 10th to plan for chemo.
I have two kiddies 10mth old gracie and 2yr old evie.
Not an easy time by any means! Read too much today and feelk bit depressed by it all! Not doing my waist line any good this lark.

We will prob start chemo around same time peppa and pixilox. we can compare SE’s!

I am of work too pixielox as i work for the NHS and they signed me off without actually asking if i want to be! I too am enjoying my kids and the sun.


Hi Gina
Everyone on here are your fiends. We all get down and hate the waiting, be it for results, appointments or any niggly little thing.
I am a lot older than you (59) had 1st op Feb 23rd no clear margins so 2nd op April 1st (good day for it!!)Having Rads now. But whatever our ages we are in the same boat and it is floating.
Good luck for tomorrow
luv Wendy

Hello Gina, you will have more friends than you know what to do with soon, Honey! Im waiting for seroma to go but anticipating starting chemo 11th June 'ish so along with pixilox and evie Ill be your friend! We will all pull together and get through this the best way possible, we are all just a keyboard away!! Thank goodness for the internet how did they manage in times gone by!!!

Hi there!

I am 37 and was diagnosed late March. I have just finished the surgical treatments and am still recovering from these. Will see the oncologist next week to talk about other treatments.

Very happy to meet you all here!

I am wanting very much to be friends, too.




I was diagnosed 10th May but still awaiting surgery on 25th June - too long to wait. I would love to be your friend - bit older than you at 53 though young at heart. Keep positive. xx

Hi - I am Alex and have posted a couple of things but nothing has been shown! Not really sure how to use this. I am 52 from Fife, Scotland and would love to have some support. I was diagnosed 2 weeks ago and am having surgery next Wednesday 10th. This is no picnic is it?

Hi Alex , Peppa etc…
I was diagnosed and had a mastectomy in 6 days so it all started really quickly for me but now Im dragging my heels because I have a seroma which refuses to go anywhere! Dont worry about the op, it isnt that bad (Id expected an awful lot more!!) Just enjoy the rest and do what you are told!!! Are you having your lymph nodes taken out? Chin up we well all get through this…

Hi Gina and everyone else… Im new to this site too… was diagnosed last week with grade 3 breast cancer, the lump last week was about 1.3cm, have no idea what stage it is. As im a newbie i have no idea what most of the abbreviations are that people refer to on this site but im sure like everyone else i will learn…Ive had an ultra sound under the arm pit which showed no enlarged lymph nodes but i have no idea whether this means good news or not…I have asked for a masectomy but my consultant doesnt seem to want me at this stage to have one… she said it will delay my treatment…I will be having a lumpectomy on tuesday and a biopsy of the lymph glands…Ive no idea what will happen next or what to expect so any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I am mum to louis 11 months old (sadly on his first birthday I will be in hospital having the lumpectomy)…and mark 21, im 40 years old… my own mum died of bowel cancer when she was 49, me 16, and i always hoped my own children would never lose me at a young age and yet here i am hoping and praying that that will not happen…x

Hey Gina

Would love to be friends! I was only diagnosed 2 days ago so am also in desperate need of emotional support. Did you get your results back yet? (Have already asked you on another thread!).

Pixielox - my lump is similar to yours: also grade 2, 13mm and ER+. However, they also want to do an MRI to check there’s no other lumps lurking before deciding on a treatment plan, as my mother died of bc at a young age. If the scan’s clear I guess my treatment plan may be similar to yours - is a WLE basically a lumpectomy?

This site is truly a saviour! Chin up ladies, we’ll get there!

Oh, anyone live near the Plymouth area? Would be great to have the opportunity to meet people in person!

Caro xx

Hi All
We all need friendship, support and postive thoughts!
It is amazing that at just one time and one moment so many of us are experiencing similar problems and issues with BC. I live in a small town in Rural Monmouthsire S Wales and the support I have had through cards and letters from people I hardly know but who are all part of the club no one wanted to join as been eye opening. I then join this wonderful forum and again I am floored by the sheer number of us. You would have thought that been a general practice nurse i would have been more aware of the scale of BC but nope it was such a surprise.
I was diagnosed late april/early may,i had a left Mx and clearence, the path results are back and I had (past tense isn’t that great!). I am now waiting for a chemo appointment but as my drain is still doing good guns i don’t know when that will be. 14 days later and still putting out 300mls daily - doh! Is anyone else having this problem?

So to all our new friends I hope you can always find a reason to smile and laugh at least once daily!!!
love rachel x

Hi Tracy40

It is very confusing when first diagnosed to understand all the terminology and abbrieviations. I am sure you will receive support and information from our many users, but you might be interested in our Resources Pack which is specifically aimed at those who have been newly diagnosed.

The pack can be ordered through this site using this link:

I hope you find this useful.

Kind regards


Welcome all to our exclusive club! Oh Mummytumbles they took my drain out at 10days and now I have fluid build up where the breast was and the lymph nodes were. ive been waiting 4 weeks for my chemo to start, but they wont until its gone so I hope you get yours welland truly under control soon. Thers nothing you can do to stop it apparently I asked my onc. yesterday you just have to wait for it to go.
I live in South-East london - Greenwich- if anyone is in the close vicinity we could maybe have a picnic somewhere in our various states of one boob, no boobs, and varying stages of hairloss! Least we could all support each other- its not as though work is an option at the mo we might as well have some fun, what do you say Gang? Perhaps we should have a turban tying party so we can learn this skill which I think could be very helpful in the next few months…

Hi Everyone

This is a godsend. Just to know that other women are going through the same stuff. I haven’t had any info really and not sure if its a good thing or a bad thing. Don’t know what type of cancer I have. Think its probably ER+ and my radiographer told me grade 2 and about 17mm across. I am hoping that the lymph nodes are not involved but don’t know the chances of that. A week after my op (next Wed 10th) I will know more. I always thought this happened to other people!


All here for you Gina :heart:

Gina, i have made so many friends since being on this site, it has been a life line! Hope you got good news today!
I was diagnosed 3rd March had 1st WLE and lymph clearance 20th march and 2nd op for clear margins 1st May now waiting for chemo seeing onc on Tuesday. Every stage is hard, but we get there! Take care love Debs xx

Hi all

I was diagnosed on 13th May and had WLE on 29th May and 4 lymph nodes removed for sampling. In need of friends please - get results on Monday - very apprehensive and very scared. Been given no guarantees that it hasn’t spread and this is my worst fear. Just don’t know how to prepare myself.

I am 37, no history of BC in the family and fit and healthy (or I was until 13th May!). Still can’t actually believe what is happening.

I only logged on yesterday (wasn’t brave enough until then) and have found this site soooo helpful. Just discussing the fears with people who are in the same boat means an awful lot.

I am wanting to be friends too!

Jayney x

PS scar under arm is very sore and painful 1 week on - is this normal. No infection as checked by the Nurse.

Hi Jayney - so sorry you’ve had to join our club, but you’re very welcome. You’re in a horrible place at the moment - that weird feeling that none of this should be happening, and all the waiting to find out your results. The fear of it having spread is the paranoia we all have to live with - every little twinge becomes a warning of doom. But once you know what you’re up against, it does get better - sort of.

And it’s reassuring to know how much treatment has improved even these past five years, how good the survival rates are now. I don’t think I get through a week without someone telling me they had it, their mum, sister or friend had it, and they’re thriving. That’s what we have to hold onto.