Coming up to 5 years!!

Hi everyone I hope you are all well and happy.  It’s been a while since I was on here!!  I’m approaching my 5 year checkup and wondered if the hospital where I have my mammograms will automatically discharge me or will I see a consultant first?  5 years ago they discharged me and I have been on anastrozole and calcium tablets ever since.  At the time they mentioned they would follow me for 10 years!! I am aware protocol has recently changed as they now say 5 years is sufficient.  Has anyone recently reached 5 years and can you share your experience please? Thank you. Xx

Hi Alibobs. I think hospitals each have their own policies in place. I am coming up to 5 years too. I had a mammogram (have been annually) in August and was seen in the breast clinic 3 weeks later for results and discharge back into normal screening. For me this is every three years. I asked about finishing hormone treatment (Tamoxifen) and the clinic said they would refer me to oncology to discuss. I had a telephone appointment with Oncology and we mutually agreed that I can stop treatment at the end of this year. I hope everything goes well for you. Michele x

Hi Ali 

I had a face to face with my consultant first, I had only had surgery and was not on any hormone therapy so there was nothing to follow up with.

I was discharged last year from my yearly mammograms and referred back into the 3 yearly surveillance programme.

I didnt have to do anything & I was automatically called this year & I was surprised as I was expecting it to be another 2/3 years but I definately had been registered for 3 yearly because I asked if it had been a mistake x