commenced investigations

I have been a bit quiet recently,
but I have been waiting to get pre-op tests organised, Today I have had bloods done and an echocardiogram, that was all normal thankfully so that is one hurdle out of the way. On Monday I am having yet another chest CT scan and lung function tests, then at some point I will see the surgeon to find out if he is prepared to operate, but in the meantime he is having a meeting with the plastic surgeon, breast surgeon oncologist and anaesthetist.
It all seems such a long wait, but the operation is going to be massive, chest wall resection, and reconstruction, left sided Mx and clearance, and probably put in a port at the same time ready for chemo so I guess these things cannot be rushed.


hi linda

yes does seem a long wait!! have been thinking of you

at least things on the move - hope apart from the anxiety you are feeling ok?

i’ve only 3 rads left to go…saw doc today as can feel swelling & new lump under arm but he thinks only results of rads & lump is fat but will check me in 6 weeks…do feel reassured.

love k x

Hi Linda

have you decided to go down the surgery route after all? thought you had decided surgery wasnt for you… glad you have come to a decision and hopefully your team will be able get its in place soon and with a positive outcome.

all the best

Yes Lulu, my consultant said that this is the only thing left as it is resistant to chemotherapy

so it is going to be eeither 16 or 23 March


good luck linda xxx