Community Champion

Hi All,

We are launching a nice new feature on our forum today, Community Champion! 

This means that a few users have been recognised for the wonderful care and support they have shown to other users. In fact, they are a great representation of all the kindness and support that is shown by all our users and within our community, so a big thank you is in order!  So that you can recognise them, they will have Community Champion by their name and a gold star Community Champion Star Image.png.  The Community Champions will continue to do what they already naturally do, being friendly and supportive, helping to welcome new users and supporting our forum. We hope that they will be the first of many Community Champions in the future.

If you spot a Community Champion feel free to say hello and to have a chat. The moderators are still here to help, that hasn’t changed, :smileyhappy:, if you have any questions contact us at:

Best wishes, 

Lizzy & Anna