Complementary therapy centres beds/bucks/herts


I’m just wondering if anyone knows of any complementary therapy centres near to herts, beds or bucks that specialise in treating cancer patients?

I’ve spent ages looking on the net and can’t find any other than ones miles away

I look forward to hearing from you

Hi Danica, not sure where you are having treatment, but I got complementary treatments via MacMillan at the Luton and Dunstable Hospital which was arranged via MacMillan Nurse which in turn organised by my GP. I also got further treatments when I had radiotherapy at the Mount Vernon in Borehamwood. I live in Beds. Hope this is helpful but if you want more specific feel free to pm me. Adi x

Not much around. Addenbrookes have one. L+D as described. Only thing in Herts is the Helen Rollensen centre in Sawbridgeworth. All were too far away for me to drive myself to. Some hospices might consider seeing us… Worth asking your BCN. Jane


I don’t know if its of any help, but there is somewhere called the Letchworth Centre for Healthy Living, Rosehill, in Letchworth (Herts). I have been there myself previously (although pre my cancer), and they do lots of therapies. I can give you the contact details if its of any use?


Thanks ladies for the info.

It seems some parts of the uk have loads of centers and around us theirs very few.