Complex breast cyst

Hi everyone, I’ve had a recurring breast cyst since dec 2016. Initially felt a largish lump just underneath my left nipple. I had a mammogram and ultrasound and was told just a simple cyst, huge relief and had it drained and off I went happy.  Six months later the same cyst was back but this time when I had the ultrasound they found something in the cyst and I had a biopsy. I had a week of tears and convinced myself I had cancer but again a huge relief when I was told it was acropine metaplasa which is benign.  Once again just three months later I was back with the cyst again, another biopsy and again the same result and this time told to come back in six months for a check.  Unfortunately the cyst is back again after just three months so again I’ve been back to the hospital but couldn’t have a biopsy as no one to do it and need to come back in two weeks. Possibly need a vacuum biopsy this time. 


I’ve of course googled since the beginning and now have worried myself that I’m the person in the very small percentage whose complex cysts turn out to be cancerous.  Has anyone had experience of this ? I don’t know anyone who has had a complex cyst let alone one that keeps coming back. 

Hi Shannon,
From what I understand, cysts can recur & it sounds like everything is being done that needs to be done.
It maybe an idea to post on the ‘ask our nurses’ part of the forum on this.
There’s nothing more you need to do now as from what you say, the appointment is in hand. Google is a wonderful thing, but maybe step away from it for now & use reputable sites such as this one for any info you may need.
Do hope this gets resolved for you soon.
ann x

Thank you for your reply, I just feel like it’s been going on for 18months and the doctor said yesterday that the biopsies I had only take a small part for testing and with the vacuum biopsy they can test more of it, which has worried me as its been go ugg on for so long and anything bad could’ve been missed.

Hi Shannon1

I had a cyst drained yesterday which was over 4cm in size. The Dr has warned me that I may keep getting cysts and I will still have to be checked each time.

It sounds like the Dr’s are being really thorough with this one. I think if there was nobody available at the time to do the vacuum biopsy, I would rather someone experienced do it so I felt reassured it was done properly. Of course it prolongs the worry you will feel and 2 weeks feels a long time when you’re anxious.

Hope all goes well for you xxx