Complex cyst?

I posted a few days ago but lost my password and things have evolved since then.


On Saturday I found a large lump in left breast: about 3 cm across, maybe oving a little and felt deep.


Visited GP on Monday who said it “wasn’t moving much” and I would be urgently referred. I was very, very upset, convinced the lump was cancerous though she said it was “likely” to be a fibroadenoma (I am 29.)


Beside myself, I went for a second opinion with a different doctor on Wednesday who had worked in a breast clinic. She said it certainly felt cystic and was moving.


Today she tried to drain it and couldn’t. She said it was actually maybe a bit smaller and still felt very cystic on the end of the needle that there was “nothing at all” to indicate anything sinister. She put the needle in: nothing. Took needle out and leaked two drops of fluid she said would be cystic. Put needle in again, aspiraed the tiniest amount of fluid she is sending for analysis but she said it looked completely typical of a cyst and exactly what she would expect. She is stil absolutely convinced this is a cyst but is now saying it could be a complex cyst with more than one chamber. When I took the dressing off tonight it looked like perhaps some more ‘gunk’ had come out.


I am still absolutely beside myself. My Nan had breast cancer at age 82 (very successful treatment, my symptoms the total opposite of hers.) My appointment is for 12th May which I know is not long in the grand scheme of things but I have basically not really ate or slept since Monday and I feel absolutely ill and exhausted. My doctor is saying there is no need for private diagnosis (though one clinic has offered to see me on Tuesday for one-stop results but this is likely to cost in excess of £2,000.  have the money but it is for a loan for my teacher training which means I would have to delay or even give up my training.)


I know I should be reassured but I feel so disappointed that this isn’t over (my GP is very disappointed too! She said she feels like something really wants to ‘give’ in there but was worried if she tried again it would leave a massive bruise and not really yield any results.)


I just have this horrible feeling of dread, the exact same I got when my Nan told me she found a lump. I have exactly the same feeling for myself…


Has anyone had a similar experience?

A few years ago I had a cyst which turned out to be a couple of cysts stuck together. My GP referred me to the breast clinic and the consultant there could not drain it and I had to go back a couple of days later to have it drained under ultrasound guidance. It really isnt unusual. Please don’t spend your teacher training money on a private appointment! My grandmother and two great aunts all had breast cancer in their 70s and my consultant assured me that the breast cancer I recently had is totally unrelated to this and is what is called sporadic - just chance and bad luck. All the best for your appointment