hi everyone 

just need some advice ,i had my doctor this morning for pains in my tummy plus right at the base of spine ,he prescribed peppermint oil capsules for stomach and morphine for pain in back ,he said it could be the cancer spread to bones and abdomen but to wait until i see my oncologist on the 4august and then mention it to him if no better as i just had a ct scan on the19th june from thorax to groin and that showed nothing had spread in fact onco said everything was stable .

worried sick now and dont know whether to go above doc and contact onco or not ,any advice will be appreciated ,



Hello Renee
I’m sorry I don’t have any answers but only to say the ct scan would surely have picked up any problems but to be honest I don’t know just how much it does. I know it does the spine but not sure about the stomach.
Maybe someone reading will be able to offer some more information.
I thought I would reply as it’s such a worry when something like this happens …panic mode sets in our heads !!
Loads of hugs xxxx

Renee, If discussing this with oncologist would give you peace of mind, go for it!!  You are the one going through this, not your doctor! I’m not sure how fast this can really spread to cause problems, or how soon it shows up on a CT. Maybe you should have a bone scan. Worrying will not help your tummy either! FF