Complimentary therapies

Hello friends

I am a new member of your forum, having been diagnosed on December 13th. I have had a lumpeptomy on 2nd January, so had a very anxious Christmas, usually my favourite time of year.

I had my first chemo last week and still have hair, but dreading losing it. Has anyone any positive experience of complimentary therapies. I have had reflexology in the past, but don’t know what therapies are safe whilst receiving treatment. I would be happy to hear of anyone’s experience in this field.

Hi judka

Welcome to the discussion forums, while you waiting for the other forum members to reply you may find of interest Breast Cancer Care’s publication on Complementary therapies it can be either downloaded via the link or via the helpline on Helpline - 0808 800 6000 Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm
Saturday, 9am - 2pm

Kind regards

Hi Judka
I have just finished my chemo. and am due for my op. next week.
My hospital offers six free complimentary treatments as they think its a big help. So far I have had three massages and two cranial sacrial treatments which really helped.
Outside the hospital I have also has reflexology and reiki.
Found all the treatments very relaxing.
Best wishes Aliosn x


I went to the hospice (12 therapies free) and had reflexology and hypnotherpy. I didn’nt want to go but was persuaded to after a bad no 3 chemo, I don’t think i would have got throught the other 5 wtithout the therapies. Check with your breastcare nurse and see if you can get anything free and go for it.

Marilyn x