compression garments after lipo

Hi all
As the title says, has anyone got any experience of or can recommend what sort of underwear is best to wear after liposuction & lipo filling. My PS has just said some tight-ish cycling shorts, but I’m sure there must be something better?.

I don’t have a great quantity of fat in 1 place so little bits are being taken from love handles, inner thighs & tummy.

Appreciate any advice, many thanks ladies.



I’ve no experience I’m afraid so can’t advise from that perspective but Macom make compression garments for post-surgery so they might be a good place to start (you can find them via google)?  I used their bras after my lumpectomy and was pleased with them but have no idea whether their shorts/bodies are as good.


Sorry I can’t be more helpful



Hello - I had fat transfer from thighs (front of ) to upper pole of recon and my surgeon told me to wear spanx type things, which I did.  There is not much out there by way of info but I found the bruising to be extensive and I have permanent nerve damage on one of my thighs - and you can see where the fat has been taken because there are dents.  I think maybe if I had worn something tighter it might look/feel better than it does now.  My surgeon said that the damage was caused because I did not have a lot of fat for her to play with.  So go as tight as you can bear. 

Hi artemis .

                     when i had my first lipofill last june i brought a pair of compression pants from primark they were very good and only cost me five pounds i have saved them as i am waiting for second fill as it was cancelled due to problems with ecg i heard today though they are now happy to go ahead so hopefully it will be very soon .when are you having yours done ? as i mentioned in previous threads it is a painful procedure so bracing myself and hopeing it lasts longer this time . hope yours goes well linda

Thank you everyone for the info, Sharon I will have a look online thanks.
You’re right Yvie that there’s little info out there. Hmm interesting too that spanx weren’t particularly good. Ive never needed shape wear before so just assumed spanx fitted the bill. I have seen a few shorts on eBay but you can’t really tell how they fit so personal experience of others is always handy.

Ioona44, I think we’ve had contact re LD recon before, I will certainly have a look in primark, its my love handles & inner thigh that’s going to be the donor site & I’ll need 2 ops, 6 mths apart. I’m hoping to get it done next month as I’ve got holidays soon & obviously don’t want it before then. Did you bruise a lot & how long to get over the op?. I’d love to hear your experience.

Any other opinions are most welcome. Have a good evening everyone.

Hi chrisalex and loona44
Great to hear you’re both moving forward, im hoping to get a date anytime soon.
I got some of the cycling short high waist shape wear, some from Primark and also a great brand from amazon that were only £6, so I’m all set.
Have had a preop, no need to stop tamoxifen so just a waiting game now. Im a quick healer so hoping I’ll be back to normal within a week or two. I worked all through chemo so pretty tough. :).
Good luck to you both with your op & recovery and I look forward to hearing how you are doing.

I had an uplift on good side with my 1st recon op in Oct & its fab. Scars faded, didn’t lose any sensitivity & its still a full C cup. After my lipo I will still have nipple work to do but as area numb & no implant I’m hoping it won’t be as long a wait.
Good luck on 27th

Ioona, glad to hear the op went well & you’re pleased with the initial results. Not so good feeling suck though…How long did it take the first time for the fat to reabsorb?. Hope this is the last time you have to have it & good luck with the recovery & nnot too much bruising.

I was offered a date for next Tues but I’m actually away, so I hope I’m not going to have too much longer to wait-typical though!.

Also do the compression shorts have to be mega tight ie smaller than your usual size?. The ones I have are pretty tight but not too uncomfortable as I figured you swell up a bit at first anyway. I’m sure I’ll think of other questions but appreciate your feedback.

Piggsy, you’ve done well to have 2 gos in 5 months, there’s quite a waiting list here, sounds as if they have done a good job though. Did you bruise much & how’s the recovery going?. I’m hoping I won’t need too much time off work.

Ok cheers ladies, have a good weekend.
Take care

Hi Artemis. Think we’re at same hosp, Salisbury? Mr K is my PS. I’ve had bilateral mx with implants but only need lipofill on left side which had cancer Reabsorption has already started. Fat was put in around top and side of implant. Some small amount along top has gone, fingers crossed not much more. Skin has stuck to implant so can see rippling where nipple was. Think he might want to do one more but find out in Aug. I had lot of bruising, front looked like I was wearing navy blue bikini bottoms. Didn’t drive for 3 days. Uncomfortable but not too bad. Only on paracetamol by day 3 and stopped by day 5. But I’m retired so could take it easy for first week. I was offered cancellation which is why wait was only 5 months. The waist clincher is pretty tight. I’m size 12 these days, was size14 BC, and I’m wearing large. Bought one from M&S size 12 could hardly get it on so that went back! I’m really pleased with my recon, not too uncomfortable and can’t tell in clothes or swimming costume. Seems odd now to see women with nipples! Have a good weekend one and all, and sorry for long post xx

Just a quick Q…how restricted are you in the first few days?. Im staying in overnight, once home are you able to walk about ok, move fully clinb stairs, wear normal clothes?. I don’t do sitting still very well although am taking the rest of the week off work.
Thanks in advance.

Kate, I had uplift to good side in Oct when LD was done on BC side & initially it was firm & high but has now dropped & softened and looks great!. The scars are hardly noticeable, I’ve still got full sensations so give it time and im sure it will settle. I’m only having lipo to my recon side.
Linda thanks for the lipo info, glad to know it’s not going to impact too much on daily life.
Looking forward to regaining my cleavage!
Take care.