Compression garments after lipofilling

Hi all,

I had a mastectomy & TRAM reconstruction in September 2017 & have been on the waiting list for reduction & uplift on my good side. I had a call last Thursday & I’m going in on Monday!


Saw the consultant yesterday & he may do some lipofilling to my reconstructed side as I had some fat necrosis  (He will decide when he examines me in theatre - I assume because he can be rougher without hurting me!) He said I need compression garments for 2 weeks, he gave me some leaflets which are expensive but the senior registrar said cycling shorts in a size smaller than I would normally wear would do just as good a job.


Anyone had similar op? What did you wear?


I’ve been told liposuction is v painful & bruising is very colourful! 

Bruising is very pronounced in the area indeed, so expect to look like Grimace for a while there. After mine, I wore a shaper with enough compression where I needed it.

Hello,    I have just read your message of last year

and, wondered if you received any recommendations following your Lipo surgery to reconstructed breast.    I had this procedure, following Diep flap reconstruction (one side) and had the Lipo done just a couple of days ago.    I’d particularly like to know if you received any recommendations re which Bra to use following Lipo.     I have read so many different comments and Nurse prior to this procedure wasn’t much help.     thanks  pam