Compression sleeve and bent arm - any problem??

Hi all,
I wear a compression sleeve (arm) and am wondering if there is any risk of having my arm bent for long periods of time (e.g. when typing)?
I am concerned about the possible constriction (to blood vessels etc) caused by the compression affects of the sleeve, but am unable to find any info about this. I have noticed visible swelling to my forearm, just below my elbow (just below where I bend my arm) and when I have spoken to LD nurse, she seems to think my bent arm could be the cause.
Obviously I am concerned about long term effects on the swelling, but also about any other possible risks?
Does anyone else know?
Many thanks XXXX

I poked around on the breastcancer-dot-org website in the ‘lymphedema’ section, since some of the women there have a wealth of information that feels reliable to me. I couldn’t find anything about it being a danger–but I did find a thread where a woman complained of pain in her elbow and below. One of the replies suggested that you might want to adjust your sleeve (push it up) with a rubber glove a couple of times during the day, to make sure that the compression remains even.
I have been looking at different armsleeves on the internet, and I notice that one of the ones I am yearning for (what a ridiculous thing to be window shopping for!) is an Italian sleeve called a Solidea Armcare sleeve. One of the things it has is a “soft fabric gusset in the hollow of the elbow”. This Sigvaris sleeve I wear could certainly use one of those.
I am also a all-day typist (library cataloguer!), so I know what you mean about the bend, and when I first take my sleeve off at night I often have a red lump somewhere around my elbow. The first few days it scared the heck out of me, but it is always gone by morning, so I have calmed down about it. Nevertheless, I, too, would be interested to hear if anyone else has some more information.

No further information but have the same problem I use computer all day as well and by the time I get home I have been ripping the sleeve off as my elbow on the inside is soooo sore. Have got this new sleeve which is much tighter than the first one and still haven’t worn it all day yet.
However the redness has always gone by morning so hopefully not doing any damage??

Jill x x

Hi Jill and Quail,
many thanks for your replies and sorry to hear that you are having these issues too. I still haven’t found out much more, but I’m sure that it is not recommended for a compression garment to be in place over a joint which is flexed for long periods of time.
I have now been away from work for a week now, and cannot believe the difference to my arm - much better! As I am at home, I am able to avoid doing activity that aggravates my LD, and more importantly, when it is aggravated I am able to STOP and REST, which I can’t do at work.

I’ve not been happy with the sleeves I was given by my breast care nurse but was referred by them to have some MLD done by our local cancer charity.
What a lovely change, she gave me a prescription for a different make/type of sleeve which is so much more comfortable.
She also suggested putting a round cotton wool pad under the sleeve where it gets sore which I’ve found works well.
The new sleeves have silicone dots along the top band instead of the whole band being silicone.

I saw a different LD nurse last week and asked about the sore inner-elbow. She cut out a piece of thin foam (not so thin, quarter of an inch thick or so (in old money!)) and said to put that in as you’re putting the sleeve on. Takes a bit of doing, but works a treat… Jane