concave breast bone

I had diep recon in april '07 and a reduction and uplift to the other side in jan '08. I wasn’t that concerned about the recon shape before, but now the other side looks so good, it’s looking a bit weird. It has drooped since last year, which was to be expected, but because of my concave breast bone (just my luck, eh?) the flesh that was my cleavage has drooped with it and I have a hollow above the recon, and no cleavage. So even after all this I still can’t wear low cut tops. Don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely better than not having anything and at least now they are more or less the same size and in a good bra you can’t tell. I just have to be creative with my dressing.

My ps mentioned that after the uplift etc has settled and they can see where the boobs are going to be, he may be able to use a filler to plump up the hollow part. Has anyone had this done? What are the results like?


Strangely while ebaying for a nice new bra earlier I spotted these plastic clear plasters that you can use to pull up a boob.

Don’t know if that would suit your needs but I was impressed.

But prior to having both my boobs removed I never really cared about how they looked so this is all new to me :wink:


I have the same problem and have also been trying to get further information. I did not have to have anything done to the other side. I was told it was because I had a prominent second rib. My ps has said that he doesn’t think transfer would work and has suggested Bio-alcamid which is a filler. I’m not too sure about this because I had the diep because I didn’t want to have implants. I had my diep last September and will be hopefully having the nipple reconstructed soon.

I was told that it would probably need three or four lots of filler. You can look on the web and find out more about the filler. If you do find out anything or know of anyone who has had it please could you let me know?


Thanks cassie & angie.

Cassie, sounds like what my ps was talking about. He didn’t go into details, just said it was an option in a few months time if I wasn’t happy when everything had settled.

I’ll search on the net to find out a bit more - maybe after Easter we may get some reponses from people who’ve had it done? If I find anything I’ll let you know.

Just thought I’d update you. I went back to see the ps about my nipple reconstruction. I said to him that the new breast is a bit wide and he said he would lipo it a bit and then do a fat transfer because it was a waste to just throw it away. He says that there is only about 20% chance it will work.

Has anyone else had this procedure and can you tell me what the results were? What were you told about the probabilities of success.

Thanks to all