Concern at chemo delay

I’ve been told that my next FEC-D chemo treatment is to be delayed as the PICC line which was put in to make the infusion process easier has given me a clot in my arm. It’s quite a large clot and the PICC line has been removed.

My second of six chemo treatments should be next week but I’ve been told I’ve to turn up for a review/discussion instead. I asked if I could have the review/discussion this week so treatment could proceed on schedule but was told I’ve to wait.

Am I wrong to be concerned that delay can reduce effectiveness of treatment?

Hi Linda

I’m sorry I don’t have any specialised knowledge, but I do know that chemo is often delayed for various reasons, most often if blood results are not high enough for further treatment. So whilst I appreciate it is frustrating, I would try not to worry too much, and of course you can ask your oncologist when you see them next week as they will know far more than me!! Good luck. Chris xx