Concerned about fibroadenoma

Hi everyone, about 6 months ago I had an ultrasound done for a hard moveable lump I felt in the upper inner part of my right breast. They told me it was a fibroadenoma and to do a follow-up ultrasound in 6 months, which would be this October. Lately I’ve been so incredibly stressed out about this follow-up appointment. I had a physical done about a week ago with a new doctor because I just moved, and she said she might have felt something in the middle lower area of my left breast. This wasn’t something that my previous doctor, or myself, had ever felt. She’s not entirely sure if it’s something to be concerned about, but I am so incredibly worried. Does anyone know if a fibroadenoma can turn into cancer? I’m 21, by the way, which is even more terrifying. I am so scared and stressed it’s turned into something much worse over the past 6 months.

@jessicas  - Jaybro and I have replied to your other message posted on the other board - I hope this link works: