Concerned about hormone therapy

Hi All

i am new to this group, joined 17 minutes ago. I had a mastectomy on my right breast on 8th April so am still recovering post surgery.

i read the comments about Anastrozole and I’m really worried, my oncologist is recommending that I take it. I had ovarian cancer last year and had everything taken away, went into full menopause overnight, itchy feet, itchy palms, I was wearing gloves at night to stop myself from scratching, I went onto HRT which helped a bit, but obviously with the BC I’m not on HRT anymore, the itching is awful, the hot sweats and flushes are life changing, I can’t remember when I actually had a good night sleep. Now I’m being told that Anastrozole makes it worse, I’m so anxious about it it frightens me.

ive just turned 50 so still quite young.

has anyone found any over the counter medication that helps? I.e menopause max etc?

Thanks in advance xx


Welcome to the forum. 

I’m on letrozole so can’t comment about anastrozole. But I don’t get itching or hot flushes with it. 

Just because people post on here with se, doesn’t mean that you will get them. Ladies are more likely to post if they have problems than not.

With any supplements, check with your oncologist first. In my experience, they tend to shy away from any extras as it could interfere with the meds. 

Best wishes 

Sue xx 

Hi Sarasmile

I can understand your reluctance. I cursed anastrozole. I had no noticeable side effects for 3 months - then wham! I even took a month off anastrozole before trying the original brand I’d been prescribed.

Basically, I was way off. Anastrozole was not the cause of my problems (it’s suspected the zometa infusion may be). So I can honestly say the only side effect I get is a very mild hot flush about an hour after I take the tablet. I do have insomnia but I had it before and I’ve changed my thinking so it just doesn’t bother me. 

You need to remember that most of the people who post on here are experiencing problems or anxieties they want to share. I myself have contributed to or started a few threads relating to anastrozole and almost feel I should apologise to it!! Those who are getting on fine tend not to be around or don’t respond. After all, when you’re experiencing a problem, the last thing you want is someone saying they are fine.

I’d give it a try and monitor how it affects you. If you can, ask for the brand Accord, which people have reported most positively on. Boots and big chains like Lloyds stock it. I was warned by the hospital pharmacist that it causes sickness for the first few days, so I started with 1/4 tablet, then 1/2 for a few days, then eventually 1. Necessary or not, it made me feel more confident.

Good luck. I hope you find it serves its purpose and treats you kindly.

Jan x