Concerned about spread of cancer

Hi , I was diagnosed on Tuesday with BC and I’m due to have a mastectomy next Wednesday. They will be removing the lymph nodes too as traces were found there. My concern is whether this has spread elsewhere and although I think I’m dealing with things reasonably ok I can’t help but worry that I have cancer elsewhere too and start to overanalyse any other issues I may have had previously… I know I just need to wait and see but whilst I feel I can approach my other treatment with a determined ‘let’s get this thing sorted’ I do worry whether I could have it elsewhere too ! It’s all new to me and my head’s a bit all over the place .



Hello welcome, although it is not a place any of us would want to be.


There is a lot that you are having to take in at the moment so there is going to be a lot of fear which your rational head is processing but then the anxiety takes over and that goes out of the window.


I would suggest take a deep breath and move forward with small milestones for now the first being your mastectomy.


This is a new thing for all of us but you will get through it.  At the moment it is fear of the unknown and it is quite natural to worry that it has spread but conversely there is nothing to say that it has.


Sending you a hug


Helena xxxx

Thank you Helena I know I just have to wait and see really … I think I’m tired and it’s late and my mind is working overtime which I’m annoyed about as I’ve been managing to see the positives the last couple of days …will give myself a kick and go back to taking one step at a time …Thank you for responding so quickly and for the hug !!!
N xx

Hi nikster. I was exactly the same. I’m nearly two weeks post op. Mastectomy and lymph removal as I also had traces in nodes. I get my results on Wednesday. What initially brought me to this forum was being convinced it had spread. I was terrified.
Like Helena says our rational thoughts go out of the window when we’re faced with the fact we have cancer. My breast care nurse says 90% of people are convinced it has spread but this is unlikely. Subconsciously we feel our bodies have let us down so we start to scan every possible ache and pain.
The fact that it’s in your nodes means they’ve done their job and picked up any rogue cells. Believe me I scoured these forums to find out how many people with lymph involvement end up with a spread and I’ve found that it doesn’t seem to make much difference. Other things like what type of bc you have are also a major factor. Many of those who are unfortunate enough to have spreads further down the line had no lymph involvement at the beginning.
Try to keep busy and even when you’re on here only focus on the threads that are relevant to you now. And stay away from dr google. X

Hi feelthefear , thank you that does help a lot. I had a paranoid point last night thinking about a recurring issue I’d had ( in another area altogether ) that I thought ‘what If??’ about! I have to accept though that there’s going to be a fair amount of waiting for results.
How’re you feeling 2 weeks in? Do you have any post op advice? ( it’s hard to know what to expect isn’t it) .
Dr google is hard to stay away from but you’re right …he can be a blessing and a curse !!!
I really hope all goes well on Wednesday for you by the way xxxxxxx

Hi nikster.
The day after my op my husband and mam literally had to force me to stay in bed and rest. I felt absolutely fine and just wanted to get on with normal life. I was sitting in a pub having lunch within 48 hours and we went away last weekend (4 days post op). The only problem I’ve had is I now have a seroma ( fluid build up). It’s not painful but still isn’t very nice. I thought I’d be frightened of looking at my scar but wasn’t. It’s just a relief to have to cancer out. I’m going to have my healthy boob off later in the year as a precautionary measure and also a reconstruction. That way I’ll have two matching boobs. Buy yourself a large v shaped pillow for sleeping. You can order them online from George. I also bought a drain dolly bag which came in really handy. Google it. Also post op bras from George. Cheap as chips and very comfy. X

And nikster, you will continue to have wobbles. Recognise them for what they are (irrational thoughts) and distract yourself straight away. X

Hi Nikster, sorry to hear of your diagnosis and welcome to our exclusive club. Your feelings are very normal, I felt exactly the same about the cancer spreading everywhere and I think it’s because suddenly you feel totally out of control so your mind spirals out of control as a result. My curiosity took me into the depths of Google many times (and still does - but don’t tell anyone I said that). I think understanding more can help but can also increase anxiety as you create more scenarios for yourself and then your mind does this wonderful job of picking the worst one for you. Thankfully, it does get easier once your treatment gets started and you feel as if control is being taken back. I’m 48 and was diagnosed with stage 2 invasive, locally advanced BC including local nodes. I have just started round 1 of 8 chemo treatments to clean the diffuse margins, shrink the tumour and clear the lymph nodes before surgery. It has been much easier than I thought. Take care and try and focus on getting yourself nice and healthy ready for treatment. I read a lot on nutrition which was a good distraction and coming on here helps with mental isolation. Xx

Thank you all so much it’s helps to know other people feel the same .and thanks for the tips things to buy too . I’ve been looking into the best things to eat and had already been looking at cutting out sugar before all this and that seems like a good idea even more now …thank you all again xx