hi everyone. i am new here. i went to my doc two weeks ago as one of boobs felt a bit more lumpier than the other, she checked me and agreed then she found a small lump. so referred me to the breast specialist. i went the following week. the specialist examined me and said the lump was nothing to worry about, as it is moveable and i think she said something like gristle. she said that my boob felt normal and was completely nothing to worry about. so obviously i was very relieved. she said she would give me a mammogram which was strictly routine and wasnt expecting to find anything on the results. i had the mammogram on monday. and just assumed that was it. i havent heard anything at all but this morning (thursday) i received a letter from the hospital with an appoinment for an ultra sound on my breasts…obviously i wasnt expecting this appointment. it isnt until the 25th july…so i am not overly worried as if there was anything they would of got me in this week or next. just a bit concerned that i now have this appointment as i wasnt expecting it…so a tad concerned as to why? any experiences would be appreciated (i am 45) xx

hi sue, it could be that you had the mammogram …and the pictures may not have been very clear, may be you have dense breast tissue ? ( dense tissue doesent show things clearly ) i think the immages from ultrasound are clearer, hope this helps xx

The other thing it could be is a cyst. These tend to be pretty mobile, and can be drained using Fine Needle Aspiration (FNA) and then that’s it, all done and dusted. The main reasons for getting a cyst drained rather than just leaving it to go away on its own is that 1) they can be a bit uncomfortable, and 2) they can disguise something that is a bit more sinister.

I had a very alarming lump come up behind my nipple about 8 years ago and was worried sick, only to be told it was a cyst. Cyst drained, and that was me, done. I had further cysts that I noticed in Dec 2010, and they were drained too, but the doc also found something I hadn’t actually noticed, which turned out to be not quite as pleasant.

If they were really worried about it, they’d have you back in a couple of days, so having another appt for nearly 2 weeks away would make me less worried rather than more, and I’m sure you’ll come away with reassurance rather than further worry.

Good luck, but we sympathise with you worrying.

hope you are reassured by the comments. The good new is that it is a long time to your next appoinment so they are not treating it as something serious. The bad new is that it is a long time till your appointment so you have lots of time to worry and let your imagination run riot.

Be prepared for them wanting to take a biopsy of your lump, even if its a cyst, they do like to make double sure, not a big proceedure and done with local painkillers, just a fine needle or a bigger core punch thingy. I have a huge needle problem and i know i could cope if i had to have it done again.

DO NOT GOOGLE, the reports are realy old, mainly from america where they do things different, and doctors to not write up stories about bumps they looked at and were nothing, they would not get published. They write stories about the bumps that did need treatment, so its all one sided.

Come onto this forum and join in whilst you are waiting. Ask any silly question that starts to worry you, just log on when you cant get to sleep cos everything is chasing round in your head. Everybody is really friendly, and some of the posts realy make you laugh

Hi Sue, as well as having BC i also have a lot of cysts. I had a mammogram & they told me i would definately be called to clinic as if u have cysts or anything similar on a mammogram it is classed as abnormal regardless. So i think u would have been called anyway due to the fact u have a lump, benign or otherwise. They always err on the side of caution, doesn’t stop u worrying though.
love Heather x