Hello, I’m very new to this. I’ll try to be brief. I’ve been quite I’ll since August, and to cut a long storey short, whilst undergoing various tests for lymphoma ( negative so far) a CT scan showed ’ something ’ in my breast, I was told this on Feb 1st, and referred to the breast clinic. After much chasing on my part, I finally saw someone last week, 27 th feb. ( four weeks, when there was no doubt that something was there?) as luck would have it, the guy who did some of my lymphoma scans was the same one who was doing my breast ultrasound & guided needle biopsy, and he decided to do a fine needle aspiration of one of the lymph nodes in my armpit, because it looked a little larger than the rest, and also because of my recent lymphoma investigation. I then saw a breast consultant who seemed thoroughly unconcerned, and did not even make an appointment for me to go back, he said they would send the results, or call me if they needed to.I stamped my feet a bit, and he agreed I could phone them for the results today.
I called and was promised a callback, which I have received , my results are ’ inconclusive’ and I have an appointment for 15 th, which is 9 days time. I could get no info on which biopsy is inconclusive, or even if it’s both, and I am really really wound up! Firstly, what does inconclusive mean, and secondly, the length of time they are taking to see me. Has anyone else had an inconclusive needle biopsy and what was your eventual outcome?