Concerns about post op bra/no bra?


I’m at home post-mastectomy/DIEP flap reconstruction and restructuring my good breast.  Over my time in hospital because my DIEP flap complications it had to be checked several times/hour over the first several days I was told not to wear a bra. Now I’m out of hospital I’m not sure as nobody has told me. I have some large blisters on my diep flap boob which had been lanced and lightly dressed in hospital and was given the impression that I was to be very careful to not put any pressure on the boob. Yet pre operation I was always advised to buy certain supportive post surgery bras which have to be kept on for weeks to give necessary support.

I’m worried about any lasting damage it could cause to either of my breasts diep or restructured to not have any support on them? What are your thoughts or experience post DIEP flap op/

Warm wishes

Sam x

Hi Sam,

Thank you for your comment. One of our clinical nurses should be able to offer advice and support on whether to wear a bra after your recent surgery. You can give them a call freephone on 0808 800 6000.

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Hi Sam hopefully you’ve sorted this out by now but I had a similar dilemma after my bilateral mastectomy.  I didn’t have the diep flap but expanders implants so prob have a bit more sturdiness there.  However, I was in a lot of pain and discomfort and had a seroma drained twice.  No one could advise me whether I should or should not wear a bra.  I did purchase an expensive one off the internet but found it too sore to wear for long. I found the softest lightweight wrap style robe from M&S the only thing I could stand to touch me especially at night as it was so soft and comfy.