Concerns about the lump in my breast

Hi everyone!

I’ve been dealing with fibrocystic mastopathy for nearly ten years now (I’m 29) and I’ve recently discovered another concerning lump :frowning:

Two years ago, I had a fibroadenoma removed, but currently, doctors have found a lump in the same area (or very close to it, with slight variations in the ultrasound results). This lump exhibits some fibrotic changes and multiple cysts, with an overall size of about 30x10 millimeters. Some doctors believe it’s scar tissue from the previous operation, but I’m worried it might be cancer. I had a fine needle biopsy, and it came back normal, but I’m anxious that it might miss cancer cells. No one has suggested a core needle biopsy. Before the biopsy, the ultrasound nurse gave me a Birads 4a classification, but after the biopsy, we had it reevaluated in another clinic, and they gave me a Birads 2. Their recommendation is just to wait and see.

I’m constantly nervous, unable to sleep, and have a lack of trust in my doctors. I’m at a loss about what to do. Should I be concerned that the fine needle biopsy might be incorrect? How often does this happen? I would be willing to have this area removed, but I’m worried it would significantly alter the appearance of my small breasts. Moreover, the doctors are not in favor of doing it at this point.

I apologize for sharing my story, but I would genuinely appreciate any form of support.


Dear Irrra,

Welcome to the forum, please don’t apologise, you are worried and concerned about the lump you have.

I think you need to make contact with your breast cancer nurse again or maybe your GP for more reassurance, I can understand you are not feeling happy with your team, you could asked for a second opinion with another consultant or call the breast cancer nurses on this site who are very helpful, kind and understanding and would be able to point you in the right direction.

I do wish you well, for a good outcome, health and happiness going forward.

Big hugs Tili :rainbow::pray::rainbow::pray:

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Hi, Tili! Thank you for your kind words :sparkling_heart:
I wrote to the nurses on this site as well. I hope to get some answers soon!