I have noticed from my own experience at clinic and from others comments on here that there is often little regard for people’s confidentiality - or is it that the “team” are unaware of the problem.

The point I am talking about is that clinic rooms are joined and you can hear either another appointment going on next door while you wait (only happened once to me!) or you hear the team discussing you or other patients before they come in!

I will admit that I may be partly to blame for this as I have not mentioned it yet to them - each time I’ve had a head full of other stuuf to say anything! I intend next Thursday, when I go back for results to mention it.

Has anyone experienced this and told them? As a health caer worker I am appaled - I would be disciplined if my manager heard me/ learnt about me talking about a patient when they were not involved, but could hear - or if I was speaking about another person for others to hear.

What do you think?

Tinkers x

I have expierianced that my self this week but was too upset to say