Conflicting ultrasounds…advice please

Hello! I am 31 and after some advice. I recently discovered a pea size lump in my breast having had my first baby in June this year. I went to the gp who referred me under the two week nhs wait to see a consultant. In the meantime, because I was so anxious, I booked a private scan with an ultrasound company led by sonographers. I had the breast scanned and the Sonographer said she had found cysts but that one needed to be further reviewed by a senior Sonographer as it looked a little different / suspicious. Later that day, she rang me to say that it was ‘benign and an impression of Fibroadenoma’. The final report also included cysts and Fibroadenoma.

I took this private report then to my NHS breast scan with the consultant breast radiologist who found only cysts - all benign. I was shocked and asked specifically what the lump was and she said very certainly that it was a cyst. I then explained and shared the private sonography report which said a suspected Fibroadenoma elsewhere. The consultant read all of the report and looked at all of the images in the report and then checked my breast again with the scanner to check she hadn’t missed anything. She then said, absolutely matter of fact that only cysts were there. She seemed extremely certain.

I am now worried and anxious that I have had two different opinions. Should I disregard the private ultrasound? This was a general practice and delivered and reviewed by sonographers who I understand are not doctors? I don’t want to question the consultant and their experience as this is her day job but equally can’t understand why in one report there is a suspected Fibroadenoma and in the specialist breast clinic appointment I was told there was no evidence of this and only cysts.

Sorry if I am over thinking but would really appreciate any advice.

Thank you!

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Hi welcome ,I think probably what you’ve got to hold on to it that neither scan led to any concern that you had anything suspicious going on. If there is any suspicion at all they will usually do a biopsy . In the NHS ultrasound will usually be done by a radiologist who is a doctor specialising in imaging. If you are still worried maybe make and appointment with your GP to talk it through ?

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Thank you I think I’ve just wrapped myself in knots thinking about it all x x

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Please don’t sitting worrying, we don’t always trust the good news. You need to speak to your GP or the breast cancer team for more information.

Anxiety takes a big toll on us, also you can speak with the breast cancer nurses on this site, who are extremely supportive and understanding.

Wishing you health and happiness going forward

Biggest hugs Tili :rainbow::pray::rainbow::pray:

Thank you I think I’ve just really worked myself up about it all and should feel grateful for the outcome, which I am. I think like you say sometimes it’s hard to trust good news and the whole experience has definitely made me anxious. Thank you for your support x

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