Confused about breast cancer stage.

Hi there, I’m coming up to 16 months post diagnosis. I was diagnosed with bilateral sychronous breast cancer in March 2016. In my left breast I had multi focal invasive ducal carcinoma with a 3.9cm tumour and dcisis covering a total of 6 cm. I had 1/7 nodes positive. My right breast was also idc multifocal with a tumour of 3.3cm and associated lobular and ducal dais covering 8cm. I had macro metastases to 10/11 nodes and pagets disease to this breast. I had a double mastectomy, chemo and rads which finished in Nov 2016. I am doing really well but what is confusing me is that my pathology report states I am stage 2b. When I Google the stage definitions I seem to have had too many affected nodes and am worrying there has been a mistake and I am really stage 3. I know I shouldn’t really get too caught up on this as I am currently NED but it does bother me so I thought I’d ask. Many thanks to anyone who can enlighten me xx

Hi Cavaiden,
As this is a bit more if a ‘technical’ query so to speak, it might be an idea to post in ‘ask our nurses.’
Good to hear you are through it all.
ann x

Is there any way I can forward it to them?

Hi Cavaidan,


Just go to the main forum home page, i.e. “Breast cancer care forum” and the middle top tile is the “Ask our Nurses” section. You can post your question there.


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